Friday, January 16, 2015

So run for your life;


So at this very day, I decided to give this kid a little go.
Before that, the weather is shitty as hell!
Went out and realized the market is not open for today. Man, so I went to get soy milk instead and it was torturous! Not even half a mile, and I have been sweating a looooot.
I don't usually sweat easily but damn, the weather sucks!

Anyhow, had juice with this guy and LOL, suddenly the heavy rain pours .______.
What on earth.
But it's funny that the guy mentioned that the weather feels like KL. And it actually does remind me of home. Rain but stuffy weather.

It's like 40 degree Celcius in the middle of the day but then it rains so fucking heavily for like ten mins and it continues to shine again.
It's so freaking random.
No wonder people discuss about the weather ahahhaha

Not surprising at all for now.
I've always wonder what people usually talk about but now, I can finally understand why weather can be consider as a part of the topic HAHAHA

Got a postcard from Jane Yap! Which is like 2 weeks ago.
Love the hobbit stamp though!
I am so touched. And it's my first time ever receiving a postcard from anyone T_____T

In the evening, I went to vegie bar.
Freaking long wait.
But it's amazing though, at least there's a bar for you to hang out while you're waiting for your seat.
Cool enough!
Had this vermicelli! Chef's Special and Dumpling and it's all vegetarian. Very interesting!
It's really amazing that Melbourne has alot of vegan friendly place and perks of having a vegan friend.
I think I can never ever be a vegan.
It's like missing out alooot of good food. For me of course.
Not trying to offend people in anyway. I don't mind hanging out and try vegan stuff but I cannot picture myself, ever, having vegies all the time.
I. Need. Meat!


Had coffee at Sacred Alley and it was nice.

Randomly call JB because I need food!
So i decided to check out this place name B A R R Y.
I swear I had the best sub ever!
Along with the crispy prawn and kewpie mayooooo.
SO. SO. Good!

Had messina right after and I had this flavor call Robert Brownie Jnr ahahha
Creative name.
Pieces of fudges and very chocolaty flavor.
I don't usually order chocolate or nut related ice cream flavors but I decided to give it a go :)

Work was pretty fun either!

I reckon this is indeed a very good start of the year.
I treasure every bits and pieces of it.

I am happy.
Wonder what'll happen if I chose to go back home instead.
What will I do back there but meh, I am happy just staying here.

It's true when my friend mentioned that I adapt pretty well here.
Not sure if it's a good thing but hmm.


Had a cup of mocha talking to a 27 year old at Le Miel et la Lune.
Didn't turn out to be so bad.

I woke up too early.
Hence the boredom.
So I get myself some cherries again then to Woolies.

Jio JB for Nightcrawler at Palace Kino. But before that we went to Shanghai Village because I was craving for some good fried rice!

And it was good!
It's still funny seeing why that place is filled with ang moh ahahha
Anyway, it was freaking cold and windy that day.
Tortured ourselves by walking all the way to Collins street.
Surprised to see Palace Kino Cinemas is like the high-class version of cinema nova ahahha

Bla bla bla.
Nightcrawler is so .... messed up!

Had a drink at Chuckle Park and damn, the rain pours down heavily out of nowhere -_______-
As if the cold is not torturing enough.
So me and JB will talking loads of shit, and yeah, we were talking about the sex education thingy.
I wonder how I will pass on that information to my own kids because my parents didn't do that to me and I find it pretty ... left out LOL
It's funny how I got all these infos from my friends instead of my parents.
Like do parents already know that we will be able to find out on our own?!

And the differences between ang moh & asians.
Most of the ang mohs at our age that I talked have been to many many places and I am like sitting here, doing no shit.
Just so unfair you see.


Was too excited and looking forward to today's arrival!
Woke up pretty early myself and headed to Axil.
It was kinda awkward at first, I would say.
Because we are not fully open to each other yet?

I got a tour around Swinburne uni and i swear this campus is sooo awesome!
I was pretty jealous and pfft, they even have this DJ course there.
Freaking cool building structures.
Oh RMIT why you no cooler?!

And sigh, freaking embarrassing when I was biting my cone, and two scoops of my ice cream just fell on the table wtfffff
Saddest moment of my life.
This has never happened to me before wtffff
Like seriously.

Anyway, it turned out to be so great!

Work is the best today too!
I have never felt happier being a host HAHA
Mainly because I usually work with the manager and he always pester me.
But this time working with the supervisor (which i used to hate her at first because of her face), was surprisingly awesome!
I didn't expect this at all. I have never thought I'll be able to talk something funny with her. Even though it's really busy yesterday, everything was going pretty smooth.
I personally felt sorry for those that had waited for their table for at least half an hour, but they still thanked me after they got their table (finally!) or after they finished their meal.
Ngawww you guys.

It's just FUN!
Even though, there's this intolerable fucking rude old lady. I don't hate old people, in fact I've never hated them but this freaking rude asian is just terrible.
I didn't expect the crowd to be that alright, so I told her that it could be 15 mins wait but I couldn't speak cantonese well enough fml
& she kept pestering me to give her one along with her daughter & a baby wtf
People made reservations alright and you didn't so STFU!

That's not the end, the baby cried and the daughter just patted the baby while saying some bad stuff about me not giving her a table wtfff
It's just so fucking rude.
It's not my fault alright.
That's not it, I pretend that I don't understand it at all for my own sake, the old lady just came right at me and hit my fucking shoulder.
Hell I did nothing to you okay.
I apologized and you fucking push me?
But luckily, my supervisor saved me and she said that if anyone harassed me just let her know.
I am so touched, really!

It's not me myself being racist, it's the courtesy you know.
If you have already plan to come to such fucking busy restaurant, just fucking get your patience ready man.
It's just rude you know.

Other than that, it was just really awesome yesterday!
It's just funny how yesterday is literally the best day I've ever had.

Or is it just because I love my colleagues a whole lot more now? Hmm

I was just really really happy hehe

p/s: my apology for being so vulgar because I just had to rant it here.
I had no one to talk about this incident yesterday, hence ... LOL

It's funny how there's really all kinds of people out there;
You just have to filter it. Filter your thoughts; Don't let any of that get you.

If only, it'll continue on being like this.
But I know it'll hurt so bad when thinking about this day in the future.
Thinking about how good I've felt for so long and sigh... wtf is wrong with me.
It's suppose to be a happy post ahahhaha
Holy shit, I am bipolar :O

I better shut my mouth for the day.


It's beach day!
Had breakfast in the morning @ The European.

Then to the beach beach! First time staying at the beach without getting wet and just sunbathing which I'm not really keen on because the aftermath is just...
But it's really nice though.
Now I get why ang mohs love the sun but man, it's so unfair that they dont get tan that easily pfft

Anyway, it's been awhile since I actually wear thongs out of the house haha

Next stop at Naked for Satan!
Had this Mary Jane cocktail jar that tasted like strong lemon tea ahahah
And the prawn skewers was so good! Damn they removed the calamari from the menu >:(

And dinner time @ Red Silks.
OH MY LORD at the tofu and fried barramundi.
It's so good.
It's been awhile since I had fish! I mean fried fish and chinese style.

And then, we were hunting for desserts but then the waffle place was close so I suggested Trunk.
Had orange sherbet cocktail!

It was indeed a really productive day.
Talking about our past and also, future.


Had brunch @ Mixed Business which is at Clifton Hill.
Thanks to the rain I didn't get to explore that area much.

The chefs are so good looking tho!

And I swear to god this is like the 100000th times that I got spot checked on the myki thingy.
Damn unlucky but well, thank goodness I am not rebellious enough not to touch on.

From Ponyfish Island > Chuckle Park > Hodbrauhaus > Gelateria Primevera > Carlton Gardens

This is the first time that i had so much drinks in between ahaha
I didn't get drunk of course.
The Chuckleberry fin was really cool though!

Anyhow, it's really funny how we're around the same age but ang mohs had just done so much more, had so much stories to share. Feels like they've so much experience and I am just like sitting there nodding my head whereas when they asked what did I do and stuffs all I can reply is ... "I am a boring person."
It's just embarrassing that there's not many great moments or wild moments.
I don't think I want my children to be like me.
There's no great stories to share at my age.
It's really amazing to see how grown up they are even if well, the same age as me.
The thinking; The determination;

It's really crazy how culture difference can really shape a person's mind.

Listening to their part of the life makes me wonder what if I grew up here.
What will I have achieved at this age?
Will I be still indecisive about all the choices that I have made?
Will I still be keen on this course?
Would I have traveled around the world at this age?

I am still impressed by how independent are they.
I swear to god at the age of 16 I wouldn't have done anything that you can consider fun and exciting as compared to theirs.
Maybe, my kind of happiness at the time being is really small and childish ._.

Oh well, hope I get to hear more great stories.


Passed by Badger & Hawk and got myself a take away mocha and I really like the logo!
Fancy HAHA


Went for inspection today.
Really into the neighborhood but hmm, well, the price and stuff.

Headed to Crabapple Kitchen for a mocha and the waitress was really friendly.
She even complimented what i wore which is the blue skorts.
She asked, "I really like your skirt, where did you get it from?"
I said, "oh that, thanks! I got it from Malaysia tho."
And she said, "nawww."

Feel kinda honored tho complimented by leng lui ehehehe

Toured around RMIT a little.
Realized how fancy is building 80 and yeap, no doubt who ever entered there the first time will get lose if you go in too deep!

Headed to Wonderbao.
Grab some buns then coffee @ Captains of Industry!
Really fancy tho haha.
And hipster-ish.

Dropped by a pen shop beside the juice bar and realize fancy pens are so freaking expensive!
And I have finally get to see quail pen for REAL!

Then tried the south american smoothie which is pretty cooling.
Still couldn't able to tell what's in there.

And wondered why there's a crowd and Bourke Street Mall. Apparently Serena Williams will be there so we waited and waited for almost half an hour.
She's really tall though.

Bla bla.

Work was pretty alright.

till then xx.

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