Friday, December 5, 2014


Somewhere in Prahran Market.
Isn't it cute having directions for mushrooms?

"Life is a great trip, the only problem is that it doesn't come with a map. We have to search our own routes to reach our destination."

> I've come to notice that this summer break of mine is by far the most laid-back one.
Not a single trip was planned. 
Not that I am complaining, just that I've never spent my break not going anywhere adventurous like I used to.
There'll always be somewhere else that I get to explore every single holiday.
One hell of a way to save money for this summer break ei?

Don't worry, I am not entirely a otaku yet because I do, or am still exploring places. Just that this time it's just some areas that are not THAT far away.
I should totally plan somewhere to go to huh. 

Come to think of it, it is pretty scary when how MONEY & FUN is correlated. 
Yes, I know we can still enjoy without spending a single cent; but still, different people has different perspectives on how enjoyment can be.
Damn it.
ARGHHH. The struggle between money and fun is killing me!
Hate it when you feel like doing something fun and then you notice that the amount of money is not sufficient for you to do anything at all.
Plus, I have to seriously manage money wisely. We all need to. 

> When will my Mr. Right appear? 

> Finally get to wear my off-shoulder blue dress that i bought a year ago and I haven't even wear once. I'm kinda glad that I suggested it because I've companion that feels the same way. It was a good breakfast indeed with sumin today (29/11) & talking over stuffs evolving around us.

> AND WUTTT. Alex From Target has a freaking 2.6million followers on Instagram (as seen during 29th November) in just 3 weeks time. Isn't it crazy how twitter can make people famous overnight?! Seriously. I know he's cute but omg, the luck that he has. FUCK.
I am jealous obviously hahaha. Still can't believe how insane this is. Oh well. Society nowadays :3

> Holy shit. One more month till the end of 2014. WUTTTTT. Practically 10 months away from home. I wonder how everything is back there. First Christmas away from home. First winter solstice away from home. First new year away from home. First chinese new year away from home. SIGH. Look at all the good food that I'll be missing out.


> So yesterday at work, I got myself in take away section again ._.
DARN IT. Funny how she always complain people that work with her in that section and fuck, gimme a break man, now that i am stuck with her. She keep bossing me around and all i did was keep quiet. She just have to pick out something to criticize me. Fucking hell.
Whatever. Anyway, picking up phone calls was pretty funny haha. There's one particular girl thought i didn't hear what she said and when i said, "hi there!" then she burst out laughing. & both of us had a laughed for 30seconds LOL Laughing is contagious . But well, i didn't get to see who she was tho.
Also, there's this dude, he actually wanted to order stuff from me directly but i thought he wanted to pick up his order so i asked for his name.
After he mentioned his name "JAKE." but i couldn't search for his name at all, so i asked him again and he said, "i just wanna make some orders from you is that okay?" *awkward* LOL
UGHHHH he must be thinking that i am making some lousy move on him HAHA
SHIT. *hides face*

Anyway, while i was waiting for the tram to head back home, there's this drunkard with a strong smell of alcohol (duh, obviously), he asked which tram i'm waiting for & where will the tram take me to. And i answered but then when i mentioned the word "city" he just started laughing. Funny how he asked me like 3 times and when i mentioned the word "city" again he just laughed .___________.
I was pretty afraid at first though but after that he was actually pretty conscious but somehow in a drunk way LOL
After that he asked me which asian restaurants did i go to in the city and i find it hard to answer LOL
bla bla then he asked me where did i study so i answered RMIT. He said he's from there too but he did graphic designing.
And oh, he did ask where did i came from bla bla and i said melbourne is very nice.
But but, he said melbourne is shitty .__________.
Weirdo hahaha
He asked me to look up on my phone for Byron Bay but then the tram was approaching for the time being, so i didn't manage to search. He asked for a handshake and that's when we parted ways. Wtf. Fucking random. Didn't see this coming LOL

> Isn't it scary how people can just stop talking to each other?
When one stop talking, the other one may try their best to ask "what's going on?" but when one ignores it, the other one got tired of trying & that's it. That's the end.
Isn't it scary? No?
Yeap, sometimes it's for the best but sometimes they don't. It's just hurtful not to know what the heck is going on? Why the hell did you not make it clear that this is the end.
It's just unfair you see.
And funny how this is okay when you're the one but not the other one but when the role switches, you'll be the one that's complaining.

Karma ei?


> And so, that's the start of December and dayummmm.
I had the worst sleep of my life yesterday night. Even though I tuck myself in earlier than usual timing, I remember myself rolling in the bed for more than ten times. Couldn't get the right angle to sleep right. The weather is killing me & my neighbor couldn't shut their mouth sigh.
Never felt so terrible in the middle of the night before. Insomnia is the worst!

> Anyhow, I woke up to check my results for the semester and I am so glad for the outcome. Not to say it's the best but I did improve after all :) Certainly grateful!

> Ordered a affogato to give it a try but well, after my first sip, I give up. Swore to myself never to touch it again unless it's chocolate related affogato tsk.
Not a bitter person you see.

> "Bad things may happen, but the day will come when you can laugh at them." - Nuriko from Fushigi Yuugi  :)


> When I was on my way to Queen Victoria Market, there's this dude winking at me from the passenger seat while I was crossing the road .__________. SAY WHATTT

> Had dinner with the boys at Izakaya Hachibeh! & ice cream session. Before that, we had some mini "lecture" session about cheese down at the cheese cellar. Asked the dude if there's any cheese that doesn't taste like cheese hahahha. And one of the helpers there said it was a good question. Phew. At least it doesn't make me look dumb. But I was really impressed by how patient is the guy trying to explain whatever questions that my friend asked. & I can really see how passionate he is for the love of cheese as a cheese maker.


>  Had brunch session! & met up with Jane before she head back to Malaysia. Funny how the 3 of us endured a year just a blink of an eye. A year ago around this time, we were still preparing ourselves for Melbourne. & look how a year just passed by like that OMGGG. And the next year, we'll be preparing for our graduations wtffff


> Got myself addicted to shopping again grrr! Went to Docklands and oh well, it was pretty quiet tho.

> Watched The Dark Knight all over again but this time in Astor Theater! Still got amazed by how good Joker's performance is. And funny how some audience were actually cracking up whenever Joker is talking lolol.


> Met up with another Jane today! :D Walked around Fitzroy and had brunch. Accompanied her to get a new phone bla bla bla. And when we were in one of the shops, there's this baby got super excited when he sees me. Keep kicking the pram and smiling like no tomorrow. Ngawww. His grandma was saying that he was supposed to be asleep but he keep smiling and staring at me with his big blue eyes. I'm mesmerized and this little baby certainly made my day!
If only babies can still remember who ever they've seen when they're older tsk.

> After we parted ways, I went woolies to get some groceries.
On my way back, when I was using the escalator, there's two guys rushing up and one of them tap my shoulder and said, "Dan Murphy's?" LOL Didn't see that coming. At first I just shake my head and walked away but then I saw them walking around miserably, I went over and give them directions. I don't think they still understand what am I talking about. Then one of the dude just handed his phone to me and said, "Can you give me your number so I can ask for directions?"
I wasn't sure how I should feel LOLOL. I was actually pretty flattered but in a way, I felt it was super hilarious wtffff.
But both of them are seriously lost tho hahaha.
Anyhow, they ran all over to the direction that I've pointed but I think they don't quite get what I mean still -_________- So they run all over the place. Again. HAHA
This is one hilarious case to be remembered hahahaha.
Well, when someone uses such pick up lines, I just couldn't help but smirked you see. LOLOL.
Low self esteem!

> Stereosonic starts tomorrow :DDD
But damn, I am torn. I've to pick either Alesso or Porter Robinson but I wanted to see them both live so badly. Unfortunately I couldn't split myself into half either OHGODWHYYYYY

Till then xx.

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