Saturday, November 8, 2014

Friends of Mine | 20141107

Hello people!
It's been awhile since I talked about food here.
Been isolating myself and it was time to break free to destress myself with good brunch!
I wasn't sure whether this place will be good though but I decided to give it a go.

Took the train towards Burnley station and walked a couple of minutes, & here am I.
It was pretty crowded. Most of the outdoor seating are packed but I wouldn't wanna sit outside either because it's really HOT. 30 plus degree Celcius ughhh
So window seat it is! My favorite spot.

Okay, cut straight to the point.
I ordered Mocha and it was that type of mocha that I love!
The chocolaty-o-meter is 8/10 :D

As for the food, I ordered the Crispy Skin Pork Belly.
There were diced pears and fresh scallops on the side.
To be frank, I was surprised by the portion when the wait staff brought the dish to me.
I was a little disappointed.
It was sort of like the fine dining kinda portion.

But right after I took my first bite of the pork belly, 
it felt like it's to good to be true!
It beats every crispy skin pork belly that I had before in my life. Seriously.
It melts in my mouth and the scallop were the highlights as well!
Both hot and cold combination along with the sweetness of the diced pears and a little apple sauce.


I guess the price is worth while after all for the awesome dish that I had.

Oh, and one more thing, remember that this place is CASH ONLY.

Till then,

P/s: I apologize for the quality of my pictures due to the intense sunlight and the angle of my seating :/
I tried my best editing to made it look the best. Hope you guys bear with it!

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