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Random Thoughts & Scenarios Revolved Around Me | August '14 Edition

You know, sometimes you just have sudden realization about how crazy your life was while you're wiping your plates, sweeping the floor lololol. Mine seems to be doing chores because that's the easiest way to zone out ahahaha.
Other than that, after you finished watching a movie, you tend to feel so overwhelmed by the ending and yeap, you think aloooot about life right after you stepped out of the cinema.

So yeah, no idea why but I have like random flashbacks or the possibilities that popped out in my head.

1. I watched Snowpiercer on that Monday.
Was really excited because it was Chris Evans in that movie directed by some Korean dude.
If you haven't watch it, please do!
Okay maybe some spoilers ahead, if you're afraid just skip this.

Credits to

Credits to
 He's soooo good looking even there's mud on him wth ahahaha

It shows how the hero name Curtis, who is leading the revolution, working with everyone else who lives at the tail of the train to fight their way to the front! And the whole movie's setting was in this old school train.
It's a pretty kancheong movie, in other words, very intense!
Couldn't really sit still as there are too much stuff that I couldn't handle with just my own eyes LOL
And damn, the plot twist seriously blew my brains off :/

Not forgetting how funny was Tilda Swinton.
She's really good at acting weird characters and she managed to make her character loathing.
Not to mention, the director did blend in the humor really well for this thriller.

I remember after the movie finished, I just keep on ranting on how mind*ucking it is! ( in a good way of course)
This movie left me with a lot of questions. Not sure they're meant to be answered but this movie did portray how scary humanity can be.
What if this is what human being will be during apocalypse?
Poverty does drive people crazy.
Why do people have to live according to the money they owned, the money they have?
It's funny how rich people are somehow more stingy. (not in all cases but just a generalization maybe?)
etc etc etc arghhh
going to fry my brains if I keep thinking about it.

2. Another movie thought.
Pan's Labyrinth yesterday night.
Finally I have the kick to watch it LOL.
It's been like 3 years I said I will watch it but no idea why, I always find excuses.
bla bla bla. 

Credits to

Another must watch movie since 2006 ahaha.
Damn, this movie is about 8 years ago.
I heard about the existence of the movie from my psychology lecturer back in college.
Should have interpreted it from a psychological point of view though LOL.
But my brain didn't function properly gahhh
After the movie ended, was sort of relieved by the ending because it was a good one indeed.
And yeah, the twist was quite brilliant and it was really nail-biting exciting!

To me, the scariest part of the movie was this!
Credits to

As usual, after the movie finished, you go like ... why thissss why thaaaat
Guillermo del Toro made this movie sort of like an adult fairy tale but with creepy looking characters.
Thumbs up to his imagination!

3. So another thing that I have in mind was genuine happiness.
When was the last time you're genuinely happy?
I couldn't remember mine though.
It strikes me when I was serving this family. This parents with two little kids with really BLUE eyes ohmagerd I WANT YOUR GENES.
After the daughter sat down, she was showing me her teddy bear with that SMILE.
That moment, I knew that was genuine happiness.
Well, it's hard to see this kind of happiness in our age these days.
Really hard.
That plain innocence and pure joy that is indescribable that make you go "take me back to my childhood days!"
Sigh. You see people smiling at you, laughing or "laughing" at your jokes, that doesn't mean that they're happy, that's just manners.
When I smile at you, yeap, I like to see ya around.
I could be fake smiling at you, you know what I mean?

Holy shit, I feel so philosophical right now wtf

Karma does exist. 
Not sure if that's my karma but I think I had got mine.

5. A funny scenario happened 2 days ago that I would like to remember.
I was clearing plates for this table full of ladies asking if they wanted desserts.
One of them asked me how big was the banana for the banana fritter ice cream.
I said it's not big but it's LONG. That's the first thing that comes into mind okkkkk
But then my moron brain made me smirked OMG
Not sure why I did that but I just can't help but to smirk.
It's an auto reaction ahahaha
Anyhow, so they were laughing real hard too because right after I answered that, my face was blushing and I can feel my ears super hot omgggg
Super embarrassing.
They were like "HAHAHA. Alright. Get me two of those bananas!" 

It's funny how dirty jokes are international HAHAHA
And how united people can be.

6. Ellen Degeneres is a freaking 56 years old OMG
Older than my mum man.
I really love this woman for being so cheerful and by being cheerful, I mean most of the time, at this age.
I bet most of the women these age were so busy handling the children or being grumpy 90% of the time.
One thing I learnt from one of her monologue was grumpy.
She said studies shows that average age when the women starting to become grumpy was at the age of 52.
And she said it was ridiculous ahahah
Love that attitude!
& it's funny people can calculate average women laughed around that age was 2.5 times a day LOL
Ellen be like "HAHA.... HAHA... HA!"
If you get what I mean ahahaha

7. It's Hungry Ghost Festival this month :O 
And maybe I wasn't too afraid right now but one thing I'm concern of is the food that my dad made when celebrating (not sure I should call it celebration but it's some sort of the Taoism ritual LOL) the peak of this festival.

8. One last thought, 8 more days and I'm officially away from home for half a year.
Wonder how's everything back there.
Wonder if I were to be back, will everything stays the same and by everything, I do not mean the buildings or cafes and shits, that one confirm different! but i mean the people.
Will it be really awkward to talk to people that we don't talk to face-to-face for a loooooong time?
Small talks are challenging too LOL
Anyhow, I shouldn't worry about that.
What concerns me when I am back there was the Malaysian food man.
I really need gooood nasi lemak & sotong kangkung. And a freaking kung po sotong that my dad make!
Not forgetting the freaking panmee.
It was sooo good back there.
Great now I made myself missing the food all over again fml.

Enough of random nonsense.
Thank you for reading if you're reading.

Till then, xx

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