Sunday, June 22, 2014

FIFA World Cup 2014 // Eye Candies

July '18 EDIT: Looking back at this posts before FIFA '18. 
A lot of pictures have been disabled which is disappointing :(
Also, surprisingly I have not watch any of the matches this year tsk


Random blog post in conjunction with FIFA 2014.
This year's match was a twist and turn.
Everything is so unpredictable & unbelievable.
Especially the Spanish (Hero to Zero T__________T)

I have no idea what to expect anymore but then again, if everything is predictable, then what's the fun about it?
Yes, I admit 70% of the reason I watched FIFA is because of the good looking lads. Can't blame me alright.

Note: 1. It's my own ranking of whether they're eye candies. My own opinion. People have different taste that's for sure.

2. All images used are from Google which is basically from everywhere. I am too lazy to give credits to all of them ._. . But thank you thank you for the picture sources.
Decided to post this for my future keep. (Creepy huh)

Ready for some eye candies?

Ladies, prepare to get yourself drooling all over! :p
First of is 
Ciro Immobile from Italy

Look at his blue blue eyes ohmagerd.


I can go on with a long list but there's alot more eye candies that I've to share!

2. Leonardo Bonucci from Italy


He looked so good in suit :3

3. Mattia Destro from Italy

Take a good look at his eyelashes man.
Freaking long and curly.
That's just unfair!

4. Mattia de Sciglio from Italy

Italians are so good looking T___T
And they were suited up by Dolce & Gabbana.


Landing with style.
I can't even.

5. Olivier Giroud from France 


He can be cute too.

That smirk >:O

And an article from BuzzFeed that shows how much he love hugs :3 

6. Mathieu Debuchy from France

7. Fernando Torres from Spain

8. Iker Casillas from Spain

ps: I don't know why but he has this ability to make me feel sad when he's giving the sad look. Tsk.

9. Joe Hart from England
A good looking banana :D

10. Jack Wilshere from England

11. Luke Shaw from England

Extra: English soccer team in Marks & Spencer

12. Javier Hernandez from Mexico

Super baby face :3

13. Miguel Layun from Mexico

14. Andreas Samaris from Greece

15. Manuel Neuer from Germany

Reminds me of Channing Tatum though.

16. Erik Durm from Germany

Holy eyes.

17. Christoph Kramer from Germany

18. Toni Kroos from Germany

& the Germans suited up for Hugo Boss <3

So much win.

And for Nutella lollllll

HAHAHA. Can't stop laughing.

19. Neymar from Brazil

20. Aleksandr Kerzhakov from Russia

21. James Troisi from Australia

22. Miguel Veloso from Portugal

Better than Ronaldo pls.


The list could go on and on and on and on. But I'm too tired to search for more HAHA.

All thanks to FIFA.comBuzzFeed & Extra Mustard.

Till then xx.

Damn it time zones.

Screwed up sleep cycle.

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