Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Leave The Wold Behind.

I have been wanting to check out this music documentary featuring the Swedish House Mafia and I finally did! And it bring out so much of my emotions that I have to release it here LOL

If you've no idea who are they, you MUST check them out because it was them, that strongly influenced me on EDM. Actually my another friend does it but it was them who made EDM my number 1 music genre for the time being. 

Thanks to this song,

Swedish House Mafia was originally from Stockholm, Sweden and that explains the Swedish in Swedish House Mafia. The three members are Sebastian Ingrosso, Axwell, & Steve Angello.

Who knows they gotten themselves such HUGE influence in House Music. 

*spoiler alert if you plan on watching.

They started this band since 2005 until 2012 they announced their break up :( . Hence the "One Last Tour" all around the world and ended at Ultra Music Festival Miami on the 24th March 2013.
Sad die >:( 
Fortunately, they went to Malaysia (Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach) and I am so grateful that I got the chance to experience their gig last year before they disband but sadly the photos are all GONE. Sigh. 

Okay back to talking about the documentary. 
Watching it is like reliving my very first rave with them. Started off with Greyhound and ended with Don't You Worry Child (Acoustic). It's like riding a roller coaster, you start of with the excitement on the slope and the DROP. Oh them feels.

So the documentary also begins with this three dudes playing the Greyhound on stage, and the plot goes on talking about how they knew each other, travelling around and bits & pieces of their past. Ingrosso was freaking hilarious most of the time. 
They also shared their moments with their family especially with their kids on screen. Man, how I wish my dad was a superstar DJ haha. Some clips of meet & greet session with the fan, they actually burst into tears and Ingrosso was like, "No, we are just three normal guys from Stockholm." AWWW.

Not this scene though but this made me cry as well. LOL

The plot goes on on where have they been touring, their cheekiness, behind the scenes, how they make music and craziness. And the important question, "WHY BREAK UP?" After watching this, pretty bummed out by the fact but after all of their explanations and reasoning, it is actually for the best. Some of the scenes and clips or convo in the documentary can just really related to what happened in our lives. Alot of things they said in this documentary really made me teared up like:

 “I think even if we said sorry, I don’t think it would fix it,” - Amy Thomson

'SHM chairwoman’ Amy Thomson declares as the film winds down. Eventually, she explains, they realized that it was more important to be happy than it was to be in Swedish House Mafia.

 Axwell says it was a “graceful friendship,” but it was time to give it all up before it tore them apart. “We’ve endured… We have this thing to look back on.”

And when Ingrosso said that "A lot of things happened this year, and made me realized that we weren't best friends anymore, and that's the truth.." With the dramatic music playing then OMG. My eyes couldn't take it anymore.

You see how much this movie can relate to reality! UGH. Seriously, I would give it a 8/10. You get to experience the craziness of the fans, the voice out of the fans and how much the comments can relate to yourself. Music does unite people!

Love it when Axwell said that "We're still the Swedish House Mafia."

Their last ever performance together </3



A moment of appreciation here,

This picture breaks our heart & it's also heartwarming at the same time but still, wishing you guys all the best from the bottom of my heart :')

I am a year late to say goodbye but


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