Monday, February 13, 2017

Max, the wonderful golden retriever.

How can I ever resist his puppy eyes? EVER?
This post is dedicated to Max.
I've never own a dog before. I always wanted to and it all started because of this dog name Max here.

Because of Max, I learned how easy it is to pat a dog and with Max here, trying to be friendly every single time I was over (or with anyone or everyone else), he's the best ice breaker.

Thinking that without Max at his place, it would be so odd.
I love just watching Max do anything at all.
Miss having him just playing his paw game with me, putting one of his paw on my hand and when he felt comfortable, he'll try to put another paw on me.
He loves all the attention and same goes to me, I love giving him the attention that he needs.

Now that he's gone, it just felt really depressing.

The moment I heard about the news, I can't help having tears rolling down from my eyes.
Knowing that I didn't get to see him for the one last time before he got put down.
I should have gone over more often to see him when he's around all the time.

Thank you for being a great company when I'm over and getting me through awkward times because I knew I had you to hang with.
I know I'm pretty odd when I choose to hang with dogs to escape socializing.
what now? SIGH

Thank you Maxxie.
Thank you so much for being an awesome joy to the family and also, to everyone else who loves to pat you too!
You'll always be missed xx

Already missing all the walks up to the point.
Having to drag you because you're pretty big to hold on to but it was a great time.

At least now you're in a better place with Phantom.
RIP Max.
13th February 2017.
You seriously have no idea how much happiness and joy you gave to me :') I treasure every bit of it.

p/s: Seriously could not imagine if having to lose my own dog instead.
Max had already made me cried like crazy :(

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