Tuesday, September 20, 2016

"Limit time with people and situations that drain your energy.";

"Smile more, worry less." (easy said than done)


The usual Sundays aka BORING


Skyped with the mama. knowing that both me and my sister is not around for this month cuz sister had the student exchange program for a month in korea! Her dream had finally came true LOL


Monday blues for sure!


Trying this bubba cup cold drip and it was goooood!
Anyway the waitress was kinda awkward but she complimented my choker ahahahah
She said "i like your choker" literally.
It felt really good alright to be complimented. Unlike those bitches scanning/looking at you from head to toe like wtf


Morning coffee at TUKK N CO. amazing interior. Upstairs coffee and downstairs leads to food!


Night catch up with the bunch for JB's belated.
Everyone is playing pokemon go tsk tsk


Coffee @ Omar & the Marvelous Bird


Ice cream craving fixed @ Pidapipo.
watermelon gelato is certainly refreshing. Kiwi was an interesting combo too.



Trying out the cheap vegetarian buffet @ onmom with Ric.
Not bad for 7 dollars ahaha
Cheapskate's heaven?


Oneyada thai cafe with my cousins!


Abandoned my blog for way too long oopssssss


Long overdue brunch @ ROAM

The exact same old location with long story short wtf ahaha


I was trying really hard to catch up to this dude and he ended up walking into the bank to withdraw some cash. I know it sounds crazy but I was actually tempted to follow him just so I could ...... wait-for-it ..... PAT HIS CUTEST LITTLE BLACK PUG!!!!
In the end, I didn't, because that guy will probably think I'm trying to sneak up on him 😩😩😩😩



STAR TREK!!! Like finally
It was good. Not a geeky person but star trek is just on point.
Anton :'(

Had pub food aka steak for lunch because it's steak tuesday!!!!
It's pretty good yo.


Black Velvet Galleria for coffee!


Joanne is in town <3
Finally we are reunited!

From having Luxbite desserts for brekkie > Prahran Market > Xiao Long Bao > Little Rogue


Coffee @ Dukes!

Just to see Joanne before she fly off.
Time flies way too fast guys! HAIH
So much has changed!
I swear St Albans is fucking dodgy omg


Night catch up with JB & Grace for Ying Thai!
Spicy af but i love the papaya salad!

and of course gelato for dessert!


Got my assam laksa craving fixed at penang road but not as good as my all time favorite @ m yongtaufu!!


Catching up with Denise @ Darling cafe!

Hazelnut waffle was gorgeous but oh no i cant finish it because 1, not a fan of hazelnut and 2, it's overwhelming!
Sorry but no mistakes like this ever again!!


Coffee @ Spencer Espresso


Chapel St bound?
Had smoothie bowl for brekkie ahaha wtf

Then coffee at i-have-no-idea-what's-the-cafe's-name LOL
But it was pretty good.
Chapel street does change alot!


Merdeka Brunch with my woolies buddy!!

You know it's a hidden gem when you need to spend 10mins walking here and there and it's actually in one of the laneways wtf


how the fuck is it september already?!?!!?


Phase one coffee! we were the only customers because that place is still pretty darn new.
Love coffee places like this!


Venture out to check out Superrandom!!
Japanese opened this cafe and it's pretty coooool!

Andrew's hamburgers for lunch later on!

Pretty darn big strawberries that I got heh


Food hopping with JB!

Stokers > Off the wagon > Sushi Burger (the waiter look like he's out from the Japanese anime LOL)  > Section 8



Maddie's 21st!
First time attending the ang moh's birthday party.
Just like the dramas LOL

Ups and downs in between tsk

anyhow during the speeches, the parents' one did touched me and his one was surprisingly good nawww proud!


First try of UBER.


Foodie buddy is in town yooooo

Vertue coffee for brekkie literally.
Someone is impressed 😂😂 I'm glad!


Proper food hunting and omg food coma at the end
Definitely going through ups and downs in just half a day ahahahaha
And the weather didn't do us good sigh

My best foodie buddy is in town, of course it'll be a day filled with lotsa foooood
Matcha Mylkbar was pretty disappointing. Food was meh. wasn't matcha enough.


Pretty bad start cuz you know, not-so-satisfying brekkie.
Enroute to Southern Cross to drop off her luggage but LOL so much obstacles.
Finding out the luggage hall that we came across needed exact change but none of us had cash in hand so she had to withdraw and me myself didn't bring my purse out.
Anyway, got over that but the ATM decided to vomit out all the big notes so we'll need to break the change by topping up my myki card LOL
That's not over yet, so we decided to find the ones that are closer to skybus cuz you know it's more convenient but wtf, found those ones that has the EFTPOS machine FML seriously
*flips table*
Spending half an hour walking up and down feeling miserable ahahahhahaha
Good times.
Keep telling ourselves that's not the start yet.


Queen Victoria Market for the bratwurst but LOLOL
I felt soooo bad!!! offered to buy her a new one but i guess she's already in her I-don't-give-a-shit-anymore mode LOL


Auction Rooms this time! For second round of brunch.
Ordered the brekkie board and banana loaf.
Coffee is on point!
Food is even more satisfying. Goddamn the smoothie OMG So refreshing.
well my buddy made the mmm sound when she had her first bite of the banana loaf and I just laughed.
Turned out I did the same ahahaha wtf it was so good alright? I was not a fan of fancy loafs like this but this one was delicious with the coffee cream mmmmmmmmm


Next stop to mork chocolate!
Perfect weather for the hot chocolate because of the cold and disgusting weather.
Me trying to be fancy so i ordered the 100% cocoa or some shit but holy shit, not a fan at all.
Struggling to even have another sip.
Asked for milk on side from another guy.
But the other work staff she's nice enough to ask how was it and all, & I decided to tell her the truth of me not being able to handle this. And she say how would I like it to be and she gave me a new one. It was super tasty!!!
I asked Siew Ern if they would charge me for it etc etc
In the end they didn't OMG
They're too kind to me T____________T So tipping it is!


That's not over yet guys, went to get fresh orange juice to wash out the richness then dainty sichuan express for the skewers. It's all about balancing the sweet and savoury in my world anyway wtf it's so baaaad
I reckon if I'm fucking wealthy there'll never be a stop to eating and shopping maybe LOL


Last stop at Tsujiri.
I am just speechless. I swear both of us laughed like mad cuz it was way fucking bigger than we expected. So we ended up scooping the ice to another bowl finding the gems in between aka the mochis ahahaha wtf


Talking about all these food I'm missing my food partner already T________T
The only one that can eat pretty much the whole day with me. Hard to come by!


Aqua S first try after few months of released. YES I'm the slow one this time haha.
Seasalt is pretty weird i gotta sayyyy

Finally meeting with this cute girl after a year or less?
when friends are in town, it's all about eating haha
Korean bbq @ Donwoori > Dessert Kitchen for dessert!


Bloom Coffee Bar!


This two months has been a month filled with friends :)
I'm progressing guysssssss!!! (a little step)

Note to self, it's time to start a new phase.
Current workplace is a shithole that I should escape sooner. It'll drive my nuts very soooon.

Till then xx

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