Saturday, March 21, 2015


A random post adding pictures or jotting down stuffs that I remembered so far for the past 2 weeks. 

So it started. 
Beginning of March; Beginning of chaos. 
By chaos, I meant the starting of uni after having 3 months of awesome break. 
You know it's shit knowing that the very next day, you have to actually wake-up-for-real kinda wake up for things that you're not even happy doing. 
Plus I didn't even thought the very first day of the freaking first week of the semester, lecturer had already divide us all into groups (we didn't get to know whose in the group) and boom, we got a list of shit to do every freaking week bam bam bam! 
But thankfully, I am happy with the random group mates that I am with.  

This semester is seriously all about group work. 

ONLY ONE FREAKING SUBJECT'S TEAM WORK THAT I AM NOT REALLY HAPPY ABOUT IT. Thankfully it's not the heaviest subject. So yeah, just deal with it man.

Please be kind to me!

Had this taco during the moving. We need food alright!

Glucose aka sugar. "smart" 

Last take out whenever I want near Carlton @ Assembly Cafe. 
Loved the cup!

Goodbye home for a year :'(

Second day of the semester. 
Brunch @Twenty & Six Espresso. 
Always have loved their photogenic french toast. 

My latteeeeee

Decided to treat myself a N2 gelato after they had a branch in CBD (finally!)
Passionfruit meringue tart yum! 

Moomba Festival. 
I was there just to check out the fireworks. 

Hakate Gensuke! 
Met up with Grace and Zane along with JB.

Cold Smoked Salmon Brioche @ East Elevation on a rainy afternoon.

And how can I not forget. 
Rootbeer float @ Misty's Diner.

AHHH. Finally a place where i can actually fix my A&W cravings. 

That's about it. I guess. 
It's going pretty well. Still surviving this drought! 

Till then xx. 

Pictures are not according to date though. 
Random order but well, just to kinda show off what I've done to myself. 

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