Thursday, December 25, 2014

Oh, it certainly doesn't feel like Christmas.

“Few people know so clearly what they want. Most people can't even think what to hope for when they throw a penny in a fountain.”


Attended RMIT's graduation but nope, it's not mine.
Woke up early and had brunch at Spilt Milk which is located at Carnegie. Funny how the neighborhood somehow feel weird in a sense that it doesn't make me feel like I am in Australia. No offence.
But the brunch I had in Spilt Milk was awesome!
The food there is actually pretty affordable and love how their menu dishes are all in animal titles HAHA
Had a big ass cup of mocha!

Anyhow, didn't realize how crazy and tiring graduation ceremony can be until yesterday I met up with the graduates yesterday.
Well, things didn't go according to plan at all.
Only managed to take picture with 2 of my friends but the other 3 seniors of mine. Sigh.
They were late and I was on the other side so I didn't make it.

I was pretty disappointed though.

& finally yesterday, get to meet my long lost sampat buddy, Ric! The busy non-city dude decided to come and meet Jonny with me!
Walked from Etihad Stadium to Fitzroy to have dinner and took the tram back to Etihad LOLOL
We were insane but it feels so good to be able to talk crap just like the old days.
Love how we were still be able to bullcrap and be serious when we needed to be even though I just met him the second time for this year.
Friends like this, I do treasure :)

Happy graduation to the both of you. I know how sick it is to have heard from me if you followed me on social medias. But hey, I am really proud of you guys x
And this is my very first time attending people's graduation bwaahahha. Jakun!

& fuck, one year after it's my freaking turn omggggg


Had brunch with Jonny @ Breakfast Thieves!
Had Messina ice cream right after and bam, time to work.
One day just gone by like that. Insaneeee.

Work was pretty alright today.
Alot of good looking hunks as usual.

And fuck, next week's schedule. I really really hate it GRRRR


Work was actually pretty alright yesterday!
Full day yesterday, though it's exhausting but I got the position that I am comfortable with.
Met alot of pretty friendly customers.

And oh, there's this one dude, man, keep exchanging eye contact & I am uncomfortable with it lolol
Anyway, all of a sudden, he just asked me, "are you a model?"
Then I said, " NOOOOOO! Of course not!"
He asked me why did I walked with my back so straight, but then I couldn't really respond to him because that's how I walk LOL
This is super random.
All I did was just smile and walk away. So awkward alright.

Saw quite some ang mohs did some Asians-at-work thingy. I couldn't help but to chuckle hahaha
Love when they appreciate ice kacang.


Met up with JB in the afternoon because I was craving for PHO!
Before that, we had coffee @ fifty acres. Discovered that West Richmond aka Bridge Rd is a pretty nice *ahem more civilized ahem* suburb as compared to the North. Oh well.

PHOOOOO! and them spring rolls. I can eat everyday.

Went over to QVM to get some cherries. Just because it's freaking cheap and juicy!

Bla bla bla. Work work work work my ass off.
Freaking busy.
But luckily those customers are all interactive.
There's one table ordered too much and when I was clearing their table, they were actually pretty guilty for ordering too much. Kept telling me that the food was really lovely, not that they don't want it, just that they couldn't handle the portion when they thought they could HAHA

So Instagram has finally settled the actual follower count thingy and yeap, I am embarrassed to admit that I've gotten involved in this.
Not because I bought followers. Please. I was desperate but not that desperate, I would rather spend those money on food or coffee :3
Just that there's one freaking period that I became obsessed with Instagram, applied all the hashtags once I posted a photo just because I am in a LOA period.
Wanted to get more likes and followers but now meh, I am so glad that it's finally settled!
Now i know those that are genuine.
Still couldn't believe what a freaking idiot I am for doing that .__________.
Obsessed with all the count of likes. Obsessed with the social media fame.
So lame I can't even.
Stupid waiyan! Thank goodness that you got over this lame period of yours. Pfft.


Yumcha @ Doncaster!
The prawn stuff is soooo goood.
The mango sago too omgggg

So bloated and it's been awhile!
Got my early christmas gift from Ei Jane! Didn't see that coming but thank you sooo much <3

Couldn't join the rest for the playstation session because of .... WORK -________-
Anyhow, stopped at Flinders station so that I could get a take away coffee.
I've always wanted to try Cup of Truth, & finally the booth is open when I saw it from far where I tapped off.
On my way, there's this dude smiling at me from his shop heeeee *shy* but i acted cool -_-
Anyway, when I was finally there, those fellas or baristas just stare at me. So I asked if I could take away mocha?
But then the dude say, "I've got good news and bad news for you."
"Good news is that we're both not taken." LOLOLOL WTF HAHAHA
"And the bad news is ... We're actually close."

Ngawwwww. All the time! Didn't get the chance to try at all ughhh
But wtf, hahaha freaking hilarious.

So I went over to Oli & Levi espresso to do take out instead :)
It was good!

Surprisingly, there's still many office workers walking around. Thought the city would be less suited hunks by now :P


Woke up early and met up with JB @ Coffeehead.
The city was pretty gloomy today and I guess everyone's holiday has started because it seems like everyone is busy shopping christmas gifts.

Work was way too busy yesterday. Tsk.

I had tangyuan though before my shift started. Thanks to my colleague <3


Christmas Eve!

Woke up early to welcome Ric! The boy from suburb ahahha
Anyway, got myself a coffee before that and while waiting for Ric at Melbourne Central,
I saw someone that looked like Chef Wan but I wasn't sure so I kept staring.
Until, there's a malay girl that took a selfie with him, only then I can confirm it's him but I'm too late if not I could have gotten myself a picture with him too haha.
Malaysian pride!

So, went to the market with Ric after met up with him.
Crazy crowd at QVM! We bought mussels and some other ingredients.
Bla bla bla. Went to Gelateria Primevera before work.

Work was pretty shitty though.
The crowd was not as crazy but damn, the manager kept pestering me ughhhhh

After work, met up with Ric and Jonny! We planned to sit ourselves at some grass to talk crap and countdown to christmas together.
I bought myself a souvlaki along the way as I was way too hungry.
The guys got frozen cokes and me myself got a one buck ice cream from Macca's!
Pretty good though.

So we found a spot by the yarra river. And yeap, just talking bullshit and enjoying the night view.
Surprisingly the christmas eve crowd was not what I pictured how it would be hmm
It's pretty quiet.
Back in Malaysia, there'll be like fireworks everywhere, people everywhere, drunkards everywhere, reckless drivers everywhere, rubbish everywhere, the cream spray everywhere ....
It's just really different from here.
It didn't even felt like we were counting down.
We were like bla bla bla "oh it's 12? YAY Merry Christmas guys!" *then continue on bullshitting*
But it was nice having the three people sitting opposite the river that said or shouted out "Merry Christmas woooohoooo!" while waving at us. So we waved back heh.
That was nice!

And there's one freaking random thing happened yesterday, there's a freaking duck swim towards us or whatever term you call that, I was just pointing at the duck at Ric and said " Look! there's a black duck coming towards our direction!" and bam, the duck was there trying to lure us to feed it some chips that we were having.
I remember sitting far away after seeing how aggressive the duck was OMG

It was pretty amusing because the highlight of my christmas eve was actually having to spend time with my dear friends and a duck that appeared outta nowhere haha.

Well, I like it like that :)
I can just stare at the view, talking to my friends and just biting on chips because we are cheap like that.
A very quiet and peaceful christmas eve it is! Still doesn't feel like it's christmas but the fact that I have someone that I can be with at this foreign land, someone that I can be comfortable with, talking about pointless stuff and laughing our ass off for nothing just made it a special day for me.
I am eternally grateful, really :)
Cheers for many more years of friendship!
Never have I thought I'll be as lucky to have you guys around me. At this very festive season and this place which is far far far away from home.

A very different kind of Christmas indeed.

And oh, my mum whatsapp-ed me a message "Merry Christmas!" Ngawww haha
Didn't see that coming but when i wish her back she's back to her coolness again ahhahaha wuttt

Till then xx.

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