Wednesday, December 17, 2014

One more week till Christmas;


Finished off Fushigi Yuugi;

The ending is just WOW. I cried like crazy.

“Because if you live your life worrying over losing what you have, then you’ve already lost it. You can’t be happy when you’re worrying like that—and you can’t love to the fullest if you’re guarding yourself, either. So, you just have to be strong, love as much as you can…and hope that, when the day comes that you lose something, you’re strong enough to get through it.”
— Nuriko
Recently, I have been hanging out with Jane Yap since she's just staying nearby my area.
Brought her all around and she didn't even complain at all! Made her walk all the way to Fitzroy and she even thanked me AHAHA
I am sooo flattered really! Never thought the places that I brought her will be much appreciated.
So we went for a drink in the evening along with JB at Naked for Satan and I swear I had the best cocktail ever! Usually cocktails are pretty spiced up but the one that I ordered which is called Naked pash, oh lord, after my first sip I flew to heaven. (even though we're sitting pretty close to the sky ahahhaaha) Oh, it's my very first time enjoying the rooftop bar atmosphere. But oh well, since it's summer so I didn't get the chance to see the stars around 8pm ._____.
Anyhow, the three of us did ordered some tapas to share. They are to die for T________T
Especially the calamari and Tasmanian Surf Clams.
I'm so going back there!

After that we went over to N2 since Jane is craving for it but I didn't order anything because the menu board doesn't excite me in any way.
We decided to continue strolling on the streets and damn, the both of them didn't even object at all .________. I am one hell of a lucky girl to have such people that can handle walking around with me without even voicing out how crazy that is HEH

Anyhow, we passed by Belle's Hot Chicken and I was telling them that my cousins tried it before. I wanted to take a look at the place so we passed by there but then, I was just jokingly saying that we should grab out supper right there and the both of them actually agreed to it once again OH LORD HAHA

So there we go!
The three of us ordered the REALLY HOT chicken; thank goodness we did not arrogantly chose the really fuckin hot level lololol
The three of us were wiping our nose while handling the chicken wings, that the waiter keep asking if we were alright. But it was so gooooood!
Lesson learnt. Will not torture ourselves with the spiciness again hahaha


Accompanied Grace and the others to collect their graduation gown and damn, feeling melancholy because one year later, around this time, it's my freaking turn. I am sure I will never be ready for that.
Anyhow, went for brunch and then oysters & sashimi @ South Melbourne Market :)

It's been awhile since I work and sigh, working at a section that I don't like.
It's not like I am not doing my job but they can never appreciate my effort. Is that too much to ask? To just be slightly nicer?
Anyway there's this customer HAHA
While I was serving the dishes to this couple, they were talking so they didn't hear me. The girl got shocked when I was there so I quickly apologized and wutttt, the dude called me a ninja HAHA

Skyped with my mum and sister after so loooong!
Just nice to see their faces again, smiling and laughing at my lame jokes.
Found out that they'll celebrate grandma's 91st birthday and sigh, I was pretty sad I will not be able to attend at all.
Back then, I've never missed a single celebration like this! with my favorite cousins along with other relatives. I was never missed out from the group pictures but this year, sighhhh
Now I felt regret for always choosing to skip my grandma visits during the weekends last year.


Met up with jihun! and also jane yap at night.

Goodbye to my very first Korean friend! Take care and hope all of us are able to reunite again ;)


Went to Fomo thai with Jane and then Madame Brussels rooftop bar to chill!
Love the Prussian Iced Tea.
In the mean time, we're checking out people downstairs since we got a good angle from our spot.
Can't stop laughing at our retarded "made up lines" for those people ahhahaha
Good times good times.


Holy shitttt. Calm the fuck down waiyannnn D:
heart pounding like crazy. hope your decision is wise mannnn


It turned out to be great actually. But in the mean time, I still feel insecure about myself to even begin. What should I do?!

Anyway, celebrated another Jane's birthday (shall name her jane number 3!)
Went to Ganache Chocolate to pick up the cake but there's some issue going on, so we have to wait for the cake.
Anyhow, almost all of the staff take turns to apologize to us and even the boss omgggg .__.
Too polite dei.
Was actually feeling guilty for making them feeling sorry. The boss actually gave us 16 macaroons for free as an apology. & a bowww OMGGGG
People here are really nice you see.


I've no clue how should I settle this.
Humans are funny aren't they? Things that you know that it's hard to reach always looked most tempting to you.
Things that you know that might not have the chance to go any further, looks tempting to you too.
Even though how much you know you won't be able to make it, you still want to give it a go despite the fact that it'll ended up hurting you so bad.
If only I can have a decision handler or something.

Hate making decisions because I knew I'll always go for the bad choices. But then, if someone were to choose for me, I'll be unsatisfied. Fuckkk
What do I really want?!


Made this so-called panmee.
Had a really great time that my heartaches.
So bad.

Should things go any further?


Went out real early today. Still couldn't believe what just happened.
Try to catch some breath out about to calm myself down.
Have you ever felt so depressed but you can't even release it out? Everything is just so numb;
I can feel my tears at the corner of my eyes but they just stuck right there.

Wtf is wrong with meee?
Could I care less?
The answer is no perhaps. SIGHHH
Stupid thoughts! Just leave me alone already alright.
I've had enough. I don't know how to deal with this.


Anyhow, Janeyap was around and off we went to St Kilda to chill a little!

Savor the moments x

Love the berry slush from rococo!


This is killing me. No fucking idea what the hell is going on yet no idea how to clear things out.
Dragged myself into such emotions.
Serves me right for even starting it first. WUTTTT
Why can't things just go on nicely?
Why can't things just have perfect ending so we don't need to endure such pain?

Ranting like a bitch now but no actions were taken to even try to solve anything. what an idiot, waiyan.
my heart is aching and i can do no shit. fml

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