Tuesday, November 18, 2014

It's not even summer yet;

Ah. I am starting to (or already am!) feel so freaking lifeless; Yet, I am still too lazy to do anything at all. Like cleaning up my room etc etc.

Such a lazyyyy assss.


Color Run!

First ever experience. And of course, with great companion. But sigh, the weather is seriously shitty for such fun event.
Cold as hell yo. And also, it feels more like a walkathon hahahaha. Everyone was just walking & walking, dragging ourselves to each section filled with different colors!
It was awesome!
But well, it's too freaking crowded.

Saw alot of funky people dressing up with costumes. Tutus; wedding dress; onesies (i like the one with totoro!) Oh Melbourne.



I guess I am aware about myself being less sociable as compared to I was before.
I tend to make excuse on not meeting people nowadays.
Coming to Melbourne certainly taught me well how to be independent. Both physical and emotional wise. Perhaps, too independent that I got less attached & loose touch with so many people. 
Nowadays, my phone is usually for capturing pictures & instagramming or foursquare. I din even bother to check my whatsapp :/ 
No longer attached to whatsapp as I used to before. 
In fact, I am turning into a text message person tsk.
No idea what has gotten into me. I actually preferred hanging out just by myself at a cafe & my companion is always a book. Because I just couldn't read the novel when I am home nor with my friends along ahaha. That's my anti social tool! & the best thing is, no one ever judges you if you do things alone here in Melbourne. 
Not to say people don't judge but rarely. 
Bla bla bla. 

In conclusion,
I did notice this changes of mine. Not sure if it's good or bad but there's a note to self though; don't ever push away those that actually care about me. 
For those that I intend to keep in touch with because they're worth my time. No matter what, I still have to put in effort because losing either of them will be a great lost. 

Please keep that in mind, waiyan. 

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