Thursday, November 13, 2014

あなたは私のストーリズ 読んだことのない物語;

Kallen Stadtfeld: Hey Lelouch, the world has become a much better place since that eventfull day.All the energy that was put to war is now being redirected towards poverty and hunger. All the worlds evil and hatred has been thrown upon you...Maybe it was easier for the people to recognize the name of one man, instead of a system known as Damocles. Sounds too good to be true eh? Thats also the reason why people r not imprisoned by the past & can move towards the future... Even now you may be laughing and telling me, it was all according to your plan. Of course we still hav problems... But even so...

C.C.: I said that the Geass is the power of the king which would condemn you to a life of solitude. I think that's not quite correct. Right, Lelouch? 
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ARGH. Still can't believe it's over.
The plot twist is too insane and I love it.
Cried like crazy during Rolo's death & the very last episode.
Lelouch is sucha noble man.
Bear all the hatred all by himself & he's only 18 years old wtf hahaha
What am i doing with my life HAHA
Anyway, this fictional character is too brilliant!
Damn it, why you & C.C. no kiss?! 

So, it has all come to an end >:( 
Suffering all the blues now. 

& I choose to believe that Lelouch is still alive :)
Also, freedom starts now before the beginning of the new semester, beeeeetches! WOOHOO

Till then xx.

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