Monday, September 8, 2014

Ramblings #3 | September'14 Edition

Yooo. I am super addicted to blogging nowadays because seriously, this is the best place to rant. I don't have to encounter any response or eye contacts and yes, I am really bad at eye contacts. Ready for my nonsense?

  1. I am so not ready to go back to uni man. Mid term exam tomorrow >:( And yet, I am still procrastinating. FML
  2. Mooncake festival weekend today. FML. Missing out all the good food and shit.
  3. Mum's birthday this coming Wednesday. But me and my sister managed to surprise her successfully together yesterday. Sang the happy birthday song via Skype just feels kinda... distant. Not being able to wish her right in front of her sorta kills me. I would trade anything just to be by her side at that moment. 
  4. I am really proud of my sister. In a way. Feels like she's super mature now. Damn. I feel really old. Past few days we had been discussing about the gift (which is a smart phone) and I was really surprised that she had this amazing idea. She even got the gadgets all by herself :') . How can I not be surprised?! 
  5. I had been watching videos on Irish accent .___. or James McAvoy's interview which is really addictive. James McAvoy is a Scottish but it doesn't matter. If I were to master both Scottish and Irish accent I can seriously talk the whole day yo. It's so freaking sexy and you have no idea. If you agree with me, hi5 for you!
  6. Went road trip right after the day I touched down Melbourne from Sydney. It was a pleasant one. And Tree Surfing was not what I expected from this trip. It was real spontaneous and my body is still aching! 
  7. Super proud of myself because I still have the guts to go through the obstacle courses. Well, didn't manage to finish the 5th course but good enough okay! At least I did the Tarzan Swing which I didn't see it coming it either. Was wondering why everyone else waiting at the starting point, thought we can go off but no ._. I got tricked! But it was really worth it. HAHA. My legs couldn't move and I just sat there with the staffs laughing their ass off. I was pretty embarrassed because I was told to get my ass up but my legs were trembling. So the guy had to carry me up. OHLORD.
  8. Went to the tube slides which pretty much reminded me of Sunway Lagoon! But the slides need no water to function yo. Got two REAL hot guys there. Being able to interact with them for a bit it's like a short getaway to heaven. I bet the guy that helped me by pushing me down the slide is really sick of my face because I were there for like 10 times. Crawling up the hill top is seriously tiring but the rides were really exciting! And there's another guy which I am not sure if he's a gardener being real friendly. I still remember his smile! DAMN.
  9. I just discovered a whole lot of soundtrack! Hans Zimmer is seriously talented man. The soundtrack he did for The Dark Knight Rises. Especially Imagine The Fire. HOLY SHIT. I feel so empowered after listening to it. Like I am in the middle of the fight or something. But shit, it's just for awhile. When it comes to study, soundtracks like this can't do shit. WTF.
  10. My mum will be coming over soon! I am really excited and in the mean time, I have to say goodbye to her all over again when she's leaving Melbourne to Sydney gahhh. I hate goodbyes. Now, I have to worry about keeping my own room clean if not she'll nag nag nag but I wouldn't mind. Omg i am nuts.
  11. I actually feel good when people ask me what's there to do in Melbourne. I feel really honored when people asked me that. And I love it when people ask me where should they eat for brunch. Usually people will talk to me about food, but yeah, I feel REALLY GOOD about it. Not to say I give the best suggestions, I suck at describing about the food and stuff (yes i know that, if you hate me for it, too bad for you) , but they trusted my taste! you get what i mean?haha. Sorry la, that's probably one thing that I'm good at >:( . Pathetic i know.
  12. I am in love in Melbourne already. I think if I were to go back Malaysia for good, I will miss this place like shiiiiiit. 
  13. Yeap, I noticed that I am really bad at group outings. I can be really chatty if I were to hang out with people one on one but when it comes to group outing, I realize I did face my phone more than I talk to people. Anti -social sigh. No idea why. I should really change this bad habit. 
  14. I am starting to swear aloooot. Wait I do swear when I am alone because according to facts, it relieves pain ok :P . So nowadays, I find myself being able to swear out loud when there's people around. For example, I swore alot during the tree surfing because it's freaking scary okay. Hope those kids didn't hear all the f words that I spammed. Oh well. Imma grown up now HAHA. Don't act like you dont swear too. Pfft.
And shiiiiit. I should shut the hell up right now. 
5 more lecture notes to go fml.


Till then.

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