Saturday, September 13, 2014

Day 6: Argo, Glenelg Beach & Ginza // Adelaide Bound | 20140721

Sorry it took so looooong to update the final day.
Finally the very last day when I'm in Adelaide!
Gonna be not much of words here though. So, enjoy the pictures :D

White Belgium Chocolate Mocchachino!
They have it hereeee. Pretty hard to look for one. Caught my attention right away when I first saw the menu.
We ordered the bresserts if i'm not mistaken, they combined breakfast & dessert to a word lolll. Creative, aren't they?
Love my toast with the yogurt, bacon and caramelized bananas!
Combination of both sweet and savory, great way to start a day.

Argo on the Square on Urbanspoon


Journey to Glenelg Beach!
Well, that day was pretty sunny and I love the formation of the clouds and the color of the sky.
Feels like a painting woo.

Ngawwwww :')


Oyster and fish & chips time!
Seriously, the best oysters that I had ever tasted. Ever.
I know Melbourne has oysters but these are really good.
Or should I say, way better?


Dessert hunting!
Was really indecisive whether to try on ice cream or this chocolate place.
In the end, I picked this Bracegirdle's!
Because they don't have it in Melbourne.

Went in a chocolate place but ordered dessert that has nothing to do with chocolate HAHA.
But it was HUGE and I love all the fruits in my sundae! YUM.

Bracegirdles House of Fine Chocolate on Urbanspoon



Was told by my friend, Denise that I should totally try this AB when I'm in Adelaide so we en route to North Melbourne just to try it on my very last day over there.
Pretty much tasted like pieces of kebabs and fries with really good sauce all over it.
Super fattening yo!


My very last dinner over in Adelaide!
Ginza Japanese buffet with pretty reasonable price.
I spammed the ice cream and I think I had 6 of them.
Green tea & yuzu!
It's like a bbq buffet where you get to pick the stuff from the menu and ordered it from the waitress.
It's around 29AUD. Free flow for 2 hours.
Pretty good deal ei? 


My wish list to take a picture with these lovely girls and be in one of their polaroids!
And it came true <3

Many special thanks to them for renting a space for me and giving me free accommodation.
A big thank you for Siew Ern for bringing me around and satisfy all my food cravings; being an awesome tour guide and getting everything organized!
Thank you Hui Ying and Lily for cooking dinner on my second day of arrival and the lovely hospitality.
Thank you Kai Yen for her lovely room and lovely bed! Hope I didn't make it a mess.

I remember on the very next morning for my flight back to Melbourne, I am feeling all the blues; so reluctant to go back but oh well.
Hope to see you girls soon!
I will come back for more oysters and more major attractions next time!

That's all for now.

Till then xx.

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