Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Elceed | 20140803

Decided to have a brunch gathering with other Taylorians at this cafe located at North Melbourne, which is like 10 minutes walk from Queen Victoria Market.
It seemed like a long walk at first because I took the other route :/ 
Found out this place name Elceed, where the tram 57 passes by it everytime.
It was a Sunday morning, so it's not surprising when there's everyone else queuing up just to get a spot. 

We were okay with sitting under the sun, hence, we got a spot at the courtyard.
Which looked really lovely!
Suburban feels.
The decos by the fence is really adorable! Not to mention, there's a few birds swinging by the fence once in a while.

The menu.


Brioche French Toast with Baked Apples, Maple Syrup and Bacon!

The coffee was alright.
Not as memorable but the french toast got my stomach all filled up.
It's really filling as you can see the french toast is really thick and soft at the same time!
When the waitress handed this dish over to me, I was really happy the way it turned out to be.
There were mint leaves on top of the french toast too.
Dipped the french toast with the maple syrup and ate it with baked apples, surprisingly, it was not too sweet.
Mix the maple syrup with bacon is even better!
It was grilled just the way I like it because it's not too crispy but it's juicyyyy.

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Till then xx.

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