Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Puffing Billy & Mount Dandenong | 20140711

Back with more Victoria attractions!
Thank you to all the friends who came to Melbourne for a visit if not I wouldn't have the chance to tag along and be a tourist along within these 5 months here.

In the morning,
I woke up late but thank goodness I managed to meet the others at the train station PHEWWW
So we all took the train from Parliament station using the Belgrave line towards the last stop which is Belgrave itself because Puffing Billy station is just nearby there.

After around 1 and a half hour of train journey,

Let the pictures speak first ;

Look at the amount of tourists.
Even if its weekdays :O


Mini video of how cool is this Puffing Billy is.
Look at the steam!


Something dramatic happened...

Keep calm and eat first.

Was supposed to stop at Menzies Creek but we girls were confused so in the end we got down at Emerald.
Thank you to those kind people we still get to return using the same train just that our initial schedule got delayed.

Lunch break at The Chookery Cafe.

Le half chicken, chips with seafood salad.

Look at the amount of chips :O

Lovely hot chocolate.

This place is lovely in the sense that it was really cold outside, and we couldn't decide which restaurant to pick for lunch. But this cafe provides wide range of choices such as chick and chips (works like Nando's but with more sides YAY), burgers, coffee! & so much more on the board.

Cheers to the price though.
Because it's a suburban area.

Now waiting to go back to the main station.

We were supposed to stop here :/

Goodbye Puffing Billy!

Next stop : Sky High Observatory, Mount Dandenong
We took the bus which is nearby the Belgrave station.
Took us around half an hour to reach there.

Look how crazy the wind is.
My hair wasn't still at all while trying to take a picture.
Major fail.

But the scenery was ...
Left me speechless.
You can even spot Philip Island if the sky is clear enough for you to see.

sho cute :3

So that was it?
While on the way back we just found out that there's no bus return at that hour.
I think it's around 4pm?
I got panicked for a bit. Okay not a bit. Alooooot. Because I don't want to be late.
Bla bla bla.
We decided to walk down the hill. We had been walking for quite some time and still, there's no familiar town to be seen.
So doomed.
We even tried to knock on people's door but when right at that moment, we saw a bus that has Croydon station written on it OMGGG.


Really thankful.


Anyhow, wanna know how much I spent for this trip?

From City towards Belgrave via Metro train using Myki: 
12.12 AUD full fare.

Puffing Billy: 
We got concession cards as we are all students here. So it's 23 AUD return ticket for one stop which is Menzies Creek. But we had some discount card for 10% so.. you do the calculation :P
Check out the website here.

The Crookery Cafe:
I ordered mocha with that plate of chick & chips so it's around 15AUD i reckoned?

The entrance for Sky High is FREEEEEE.
Unless you wanna join other activities such as mazes and stuff.

That's all I wanna brag about.

Till then xx.


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