Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Foodlogue during Winter Break #3 | Magnum Melbourne // Chez Dre

This scenery was like 2 weeks ago.
Love the color contrast!

Apologies for the less update.
Can't believe winter break is over >:(
I admit that I had the best semester break ever.
And will update more about Adelaide soon when I have the time :DDD

Damn it now Melbourne is super cold + FOGGY.
Feels like I'm in the highlands or something.
Woke up in the morning and it's only 3 degrees outside ._______.

Bla bla bla.
2nd of July.
Met up with some friends for farewell brunch sobs.

And one of my friend brought us to experience the Magnum Melbourne @ Emporium.
Where you get to customized your own Magnum yo.

The menu.

My very own version!
With coconut flakes, rose petals and strawberry toppings.
Drizzled with white chocolate and with dark chocolate coating but milk chocolate base LOL

It's 8AUD by the way if you're interested :3

5th July:
Chill out at Brunetti, Swanston Street
And yeap, this branch was not as grand and the variety was not as much compared to the branch at Carlton.
I love the Passion fruit macaroon.
It's small but it is full of passion fruit flavor! Unlike other macaroons, this one is not too sweet.
And the other one is some Nutella cake.
Forgot the name again :/
But I remember it blended really well with the almond flavor.

Ordered my usual, mocha.
It was alright.

Brunetti on Urbanspoon

6th July
Met up with Jo again because I love hanging out with her.
But that day was like the last hang out before she head back for good T__T
I was craving for Nando's and she was too nice to accompany me even though she's not a fan.
Not sure why, but Malaysia's Nando's tasted alot better.
The peri chicken here is surprisingly small :O
What happened to Aussie portion?

7th July
Chez Dre
Finally get to visit this famous patisserie/cafe which located at South Melbourne.
Pretty near to the South Melbourne market too. 

Grand Petit Dejeneur .
The big brekkie.
I was too hungry so this looks legit from the menu.
It is also pretty photogenic.
However, I find this overrated.
The overall was just meh. Doesn't really surprise me but the price was like 23AUD.
With the poached eggs on top with 2 toast. Alongside with avocado, bacon, cherry tomatoes, potatoes which was roasted in a way that the taste wasn't as pleasant as it looked.
Not forgetting the Portobello mushrooms which looked like they're tarred :/
I don't really recommend this dish as there are better ones.
(In my Opinion)

But their pastries are amazing!
I visited Chez Dre again because I wanted to give it a try on their desserts and also to bring my friend along!
9th July 
The range of pastries.

The amazing Green Tea Cheese Cake.
It's my friend's favorite so far.
She's a matcha fan and this cheese cake does amaze her in a way.
More like a surprising kind of way as there's some surprise when you eat it halfway.
Trust me!

My passion fruit macaroon.
I preferred the one from Brunetti :x

I'll definitely come back for the coffee and pastries! But the big brekkie, nah.
The other brunch menu was alright too i reckon.

Chez Dré on Urbanspoon

Bits and pieces from the South Melbourne Market.

Love the oysters.
Half a dozen for 8 AUD (depending on which oysters you choose though)

And some pictures on the way back to CBD from Docklands.

To be continue ...

Till then xx


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