Friday, June 6, 2014

Knock Knock Cafe & Bar

Le mocha.

So, I decided to catch up with my buddy, Manda at this not-so-mainstream brunch place in CBD.
It's Sunday so any mainstream cafes in Melbourne, everyone will have to queue in order to get a spot.

I woke up late so I've no choice but to pick other brunch places that I have yet to try because the one that I initially suggested to Manda is closed on Sunday.

I found this Knock Knock Cafe courtesy of UrbanSpoon so off we go!
It's a rainy Sunday morning and we were kinda lost at first but thank goodness we found it after heading back and forth for like 3 times, and the thankfully the big-ass sign in front of the office building managed to catch my attention!

It is located right beside a office building but not in a obvious way.
It's quite a secluded area so remember to walk further in until you'll see this:


I reached for my phone and immediately snapped a few pictures after I saw this view.

Those little booths reminded me of the Brighton Beach's signature bathing boxes.

Seriously, this cafe's exterior & interior design is super pretty.

A garden concept I would say?

There's a barbie doll on my table or everyone else's table.

So cute!

Girly girls' dream cabinet.
Pretty tea set.

The menu:

Spent quite awhile to decide.
It has a wide range of choices.
The usual breakfast choices like big breakfast and stuff.
They also have lunch meals like burgers as well.
& dinner too!

The food & coffee:
The mocha was average.
If you're not fond of sweet or chocolaty mocha, you'll like this.
Not forgetting to mention the teaspoon!
Love it.

Nachos vs Salmon Bagel
Noticed the amount of avocados on the nacho plate?!

The nachos portion is really huge.
My buddy couldn't finish it.
My salmon bagel was not too bad.
It has layers of leaves, avocados and also smoked salmons.
The bagel was a bit hard for me to cut though.

And I am being a "smartass". Ordered a spicy mango chutney as a side dish just to see how it taste like.
Didn't really like it.
It's spicy and sourish.


Knock Knock on Urbanspoon

Overall opinion:
Next goal is Big Breakfast!
Or maybe porridge? because I see quite a tables ordering that. maybe it's one of their signature breakfast.
I'll definitely come back again for the environment!
It's superb.
Lovin' the girlish // garden concept.
Great for hi-tea.
They had pastries and teas as well.
With a range of magazines for you to read too.


Till then.

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