Sunday, June 29, 2014

Foodlogue during Winter Break #2 // Williamstown

"Love places someone else in the centre of your being and your own self is blurred."
Mohsin Hamid

26th June
Been craving for roasted pork or duck.
Hence, this.

Rose Garden BBQ
Mine with 2 type of roasts.
Roasted duck + Crispy Pork for 10aud.
The rice with hint of soy sauce.
It does taste like home :')
The pork has crispy texture which is pretty satisfying.

Ordered a 1.50aud clear soup.
I'm too used to drinking soup while having rice so I decided to give it a go.
It was plain but good enough.
Back in Malaysia, the soup could be free though. Tsk.

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Tutti Frutti Melbourne Central
I'm seriously addicted to Fro-Yo tsk.
Too lazy to walk to Yo-Chi so satisfied my Fro-Yo craving at The Eatery @ Melbourne Central instead.

Mine: Mango & Watermelon flavor.
Topped with Mango pearl jellies, strawberries & passion fruit syrup 

They had Red Velvet flavor as well.

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27th June
Bunked at Jo's place which is located in the suburb, Derrimut.
A chance to experience a more chillax life & a mini getaway from all the high rise buildings lollll

Even though there's complication during the journey but I made it!
While waiting in one of the train station, North Melbourne:
Gorgeous sunset.
Worth freezing my ass off for this.

Dinner time @ Bo Ba Tea, Sunshine.

 Ordered the crab meat noodle which I find it most unique from the menu.
The soup texture sort of reminded me the shark fin soup but no worries, it's not.
It has the gelatinous texture.
& yeap, I can definitely taste the crab.
It was my first try and it doesn't disappoint me at all.

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28th June
Followed Jo everywhere.
Went to quite a number of suburbs like BlackShaw, Laverton, Altona & many more.
But Williamstown was the most breathtaking one.
Sadly, it's winter so the wind is super strong and the sky looked extremely gloomy.
Not the best season to take pretty pictures but depressing ones.
Realize how often I complaint about winter? LOL. My apology.

First stop: Williamstown Beach

Love the rocks.
Made the beach looked super artistic.
According to Jo, this beach has more dogs compared to the beach in Adelaide.
Not sure if it's true but we shall see.
But I swear there's like 15 dogs when we were there.
All being energetic and I managed to take pictures with some of them.

This dog is super tiny!

These two dogs had instant spark when they met HAHA.
They belong to different owners though.

The owner.
Super obedient yo. I mean the dog.

The wind is crazy man.
My hair was never still & being messed up that day.
It will flip all over and covered my face -_______-

Second Stop: Williamstown Botanical Garden
Well the pictures didn't turned out to be similar with what my eyes see.
The trees looked like they're having a gathering or something and they are all in a circle.

This reminded me of Beverly Hills?
Beverly Hills Aussie version.

3rd Stop: Williamstown Sailing Club

Brunch @ Provisions.

This mocha is really good.
Love the art and it is good enough that I didn't have to stir it at all (more like I don't want to).
The chocolate goes well with the coffee and till the very last sip, it was pretty sweet.

Vege Burger.
The Indian style I would say.

Eggs Benedict.
It was just an ordinary one with no surprises.

But I will come back for the mocha!

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Till then xx.

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