Saturday, May 17, 2014

X-Men: Days of Future Past Premiere

I have to express the joy in me.
I am ahead of most of the people because I just watched X-Men!
One week ahead MUAHAHAHA.

Bloody excited!


So one month ago,
I was just browsing through and the X-Men crew announced that Melbourne was one of the destination for the X-Men's Xperience which is the premiere.

& bla bla bla I found out Hoyts, Melbourne Central is organizing it!
Bla bla bla I manage to get the tix but there's like limited seats before it sold out D:


The set up 4 hours before the red carpet event!
I have not mentioned about the cast! AND YES! Red Carpet event yo.

Hugh Jackman who is from OZ

Peter Dinklage! Recently famous for Game of Thrones.

And Fan BingBing. 

Oh yeah. So I started queuing around 1.45pm and bla bla bla..

The casts arrived! Around 4.30pm bla bla. But too many heads blocking my sight sobs.

Spot Hugh Jackman if you can :D

Gen Y. Phone see first before the eyes.

The amount of crazy people. Yes I am one of them D:
Waiting for the stars. Hugh Jackman threw something from the escalator D:
Wonder whose the lucky ones who got it. And wonder what is it!

Fan Bing Bing waving at us!

No picture of Peter Dinklage because ahem.

Magneto's helmet :D

The awesomeness begun!

And it's advertisement free OMG. So awesome.

Warning: If you're looking for a movie review. Then this is not the right place to be because I suck >:(

But I'm giving a little help here,
check out the reviews from Rotten Tomatoes.
Most of them gave a thumbs up :D
And it's 90% from the critics! I REPEAT. CRITICS. (16/5/2014)



But if you insist on what I think about the movie,
here you go.

Don't wanna be a spoiler here.
Maybe a little little spoiler.There's 2 pictures from the scene ahead?
It's really good.
Must watch movie of the year!

The past and the future casts. You get to see both future Professor Xs and Magnetos.
I am swooning all over James McAvoy & Michael Fassbender. 

Sho cuteeeee :3

Ian McKellen & Sir Patrick Stewart too!
Such cute besties!


I rate this movie a 10.5/10 :P
I've been waiting for this day for too long okay!
Get to see some Hugh Jackman's body ahem ahem.
And not just that, the story line is really good! 
Brilliant plot.
I teared up alooooot I swear.
It's really good to see all the old casts reunite and it's hilarious.
The way James McAvoy being so helpless but somehow convinced by the future self.

What got me teared up?

This scene.

& etc haha.

SHIT. I'm becoming a cry baby.

And the way Michael Fassbender plays Magneto with such badass attitude (along with some coolness)
Not many villains can be as cool as him muahaha. (in my opinion)
Not forgetting Benedict Cumberbatch in Star Trek 2.



*spoiler a bit*

I super like this scene of young Magneto.
Coolness overload.


I am sharing this clip from Youtube!
Love how cheeky they are :D

If only I am in London >:(

I am more keen on meeting these guys though.

Convincing enough for you to watch?

That's all I wanna brag about.

Till then,
Signing off :)

X-Men x OOTD. (sort of) x Awkward Pose

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