Sunday, May 18, 2014

2 Recipes in a Post: Spicy Tofu + Corn Fritters with Bacon

Have been really lazy to cook nice stuff for myself to eat until today, 
I decided to make two dishes for dinner :D
Sucha greedy pig.

Anyhow it takes around 20 minutes or less for each dish.


I shall start of with the spicy tofu.

Ingredients that you need:
Tofu (duh!)
Spicy Bean Paste

Others which compliment the spicy tofu. It can be any ingredient you want. I won't judge :P
For me,
I used

Shao Xing wine
Chicken Breast

Step by step guide starts now:


Chopped my tofu and chicken breast into pieces.

Place them altogether in a bowl.

I forgot about okra. Will see them later in the steps below.

The spicy bean paste!
Main ingredient. No this, no spicy LOL.

I added a spoon. It's moderate spicy though.
Just enough to taste the spiciness but not giving you a hard time in the toilet.
But if you're very pro in handling spicy stuff,
add a few more spoons. No problem!

Cooking time: 

Cooked until you can smell garlic.

Throw in the ingredients :D
I put prawns and chicken breasts because they took longer to cook.

And throw in the rest!
Now you see okras.

Shao Xing wine.
It is entirely up to you.
I just find it taste better :3

So I added like a 3 quarter of the cap and pour it all over the frying pan.

I added a little bit of water so that it won't be too dry.
When you see the chicken breasts and prawns turned golden brown,
then it's ready to be served.


Preparation + Cooking time = 10 minutes each for me.

Second recipe now.

The corn fritters plus bacon.

Ingredients that you need:

Flour (For mine, I used all-purpose)


Remove the corns kernels from the corncob.

If you really have no idea how to do it,

The flour.

I added ground white pepper.

Salt as well.

As for how much I added into my flour,
it all depends on you.

Then I add an egg to it so that it can coat well with the corns.

Slowly put all the corns in.
Make sure you wash your hands so you won't get stomach ache :P

Mix it with the flour.

Make sure they are all coated.

Like this.


I cooked the bacon first.

And then I add on the corn with flour.

And butter! So that it taste better. 

The outcome.
Kinda looks like fried egg tho.
When you see that all the flour had turned into pancake-ish texture,
you are now ready to serve!

Preparation + Cooking time = 10 mins each too! (or less)


That's about it.

Happy eating!

Hope that I help :3

Feel free to add in comments so that I can improvise this recipe too :D

Till then,
signing off.

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