Monday, July 25, 2016

"Sometimes you don't get the closure you deserve";

"Embrace your journey."


Pat a black pug this morning!
it jumped on me with joyyyy OMG
Day madeee

Morning coffee @ Picnic and wow he took his first leap of trying short black.

watching him having coffee with at elast 2 big spoons of sugar cutting down to just one, and now having short black which is way hippier than me.
It's a big achievement!





Over at his today!
Rubiki for brunch.
That crispy pork bellyyyyy but the portion tho LOL


walked the dogs and i really enjoyed it heh
required lots of patience that's for sure!

watched 4 movies in a row.
Memento > Kung Fu Panda 3 > Hollowman > what we do in the shadows

In between caught up with news about Christina Grimmie.
It was too shocking I swear. My heart sank.
This is just really unfair.

This world is starting to become mad.


Made spaghetti today!


Coffee take out at bees knees!


work at night. take away again and omg the amount of phone calls is frustrating and fucking hell, those rude fucking customers can never give you a break.
is it so hard to be nice?


Tuesday morning coffee with him. REAL EARLY @ Blended Beard.

It was packed because everyone else is doing take outs too.
Coffee culture strong indeed.


Then grocery shopping like usual at QVM.


went over to his but we met up at eastland at first.
Coffee at brioche.
Lunch at the food court because i'm broke LOL


Homemade kale chips and steak for dinner!
Asked him to try out a new method by using both oven and pan.
Holy shit it works.
It looked amazing and tasted amazing too!


Coffee @ The Laughing Owl in the morning.


Off to work in the evening.
It wasn't bad at all except at some point, i've got no idea what's wrong with the manager for being all stressed out pfft.
Everything is under control you ass!




Sunday brunch outing with the usual.


& i realized how i got so used to being alone.
I forgot how to interact with others.


Monday blues for sure!

was the host for the morning but it wasn't bad.
love talking to the elderly! especially the cute ones HAHA


at night, doing take away again pfft
anyway, got this phone call. with his really strong asian accent.
whatever, usually i'm patient enough.

This particular asian dude.
it's the most goddamn annoying person ever.
first i asked for his name and mobile number so i can jot it down, but i can't quite hear what he say for like the first few times, because i've no fucking clue what is he mumbling about. all i can hear is "ASASADSFSFA LONG" so i asked him to repeat but he got frustrated too, well i kinda understand that but i did asked if i could address him as long then finally when i can hear it, he wants me to fucking address him as Doctor Long.
OMFG what a douchebag.
I was really MAD.
Then also, at some point, when he got frustrated he yelled and said can you get someone who can speak english to talk to me instead like wtf. you're the one that has bad english man.
what a DICKHEAD.
I've never called someone a dickhead but he totally deserve the first.

Here you go Doctor Fucking Long.


so the story is that his fucking doctor title is SOOOO IMPORTANT that if anyone couldn't pronounce it, their english will be categorized as BAD.
what the fuck?!

Pisses me off to the max OMG

Please don't let me see you the second time again because if not, you'll totally get the middle finger from me.


anyway other than that, it's all gooood
this cute old couple came and asked me whether or not the crispy noodle is chow mein. i said it's kinda similar but they're nice enough.

but i was really curious how they know the term chow mein and they said they're from sydney, people back there call them chow mein and it's the HK style noodle that they had all the time.
and they came to the restaurant a few days ago and they loved it so they decided to have it another round tonight before they head off.

Love being around people like this.


Dimsum with Ric!
Most expensive lunch omggggg
But craving fixed for sure!


Hump day with him.
went to south melbourne market to hunt for a gift for his mum and i got a cake stand!


Dinner out with his family.


Thursday mehhh
Frustrated with the train omggg
Spent 2 hours for nothing. Freezinggggg

Got a latte take out. Much needed for the cold weather!


work after.


Grocery shopping at qvm like usual in the morning then...

TGIF with Elynne and Amber!

Trying out SOS cafe. well, it was definitely too "healthy" for me. I'm definitely a junk-food kinda girl. The oilier the better LOLOL


work was frustrating. i was working at the bar like wtf. I felt really pissed off by the fact that they're treating me like a ball to just kick me around wherever they want to. PFFT

Though supper with the boy @ Tina's Noodle is awesome!!




Sunday was just mehhhhh


Monday no blues?
It is surprising after all because at night i wasn't stuck in the bar.


there's quite a number of table of nice people so I'm happy!
First is this trio of 2 girls and a guy, apparently one of the girl is vegan so the guy was teasing the girl by ordering an entree consisting meat by whispering it to me LOL
And when i repeat their order i whispered it too HAHA and they loved it!


Another table of 3 dudes were so chill ahahha
one of the guys ordered lobak but i misheard it as long-black ahahaha wtf.


Tuesday coffee @ Campos.
Ah loving the interior now. Modern as compared to before.
I remember going there to study with JB for midterm last year & it was before they renovated.
Time flies indeed.


work at night.
well it was annoying when people keep bossing you around for nothing, that's what i'm basically doing but they just have to say it for the sake of saying if you know what i meant pfft


Hump day with him!

Off to North Melbourne to drop off his postage stuff.
Had coffee at The Counter.

Sunny winter. It felt so weird because with the sun you would've thought it's warm but oh no, it's freeeeeezing.

walked all the way back to the city.
Decided to grab lunch @ Emporium and when I checked my wallet I found out that I left my card at the ATM machine pffft

Got all down and him, as usual, trying to calm me down and being all encouraging saying it'll still be at the ATM machine just have to get it back the next day.
well, obviously i'm not as convinced so he decided to help me call up to check but unfortunately, they can only check the machine the next day, so yeah, all I can do is to hope.

what would i do without him?
getting all paranoid but he is always there to calm me down.


Had a drink @ Madame Brussels because it has been awhile!


Dinner out because i found out that my ceiling light needs to be replaced T___T why is it all happening today ARGHHH

anyway had seafood at Hooked. It wasn't baaaad.
Gelato craving fixed after talking about it in forever! Messinaaaaa


Retrieved my card!!!
So relieved and definitely a lesson that I won't forget haha




Election Day!
PACKED AF. Saw aloooot of doggies omg ahaha
It's so different compared to the election back home and of course, aussie loved their sausage sizzleeeee



Sissy's birthday but i'm not there to celebrate.
Felt like I've been missing alot of celebrations and it's unfair >:(


damn, scrolling through old times and wondering what would it be like if it's still the same. i felt like a total bitch back then.

Definitely having them Monday blues.


Tuesday coffee @ St Ali!



Morning short meet up with his parents.

Handed in my stuff then coffee @ Hello Sailor.

Lunch @ Samurai. That bento box is yummmm and affordable!


Dinner out with Elynne and Josephine @ Hellah
Korean BBQ for the first time of the year ahaha



Coffee @ Frances and omgggg haven't had such smooth coffee in awhile and it blew meeeee.


work was alright. haih just annoyed that some people just have to act all bitchy and boss around. Can't you just at least ask with a nice attitude? Pfft.

Also, having brain fart moment when all I can think of was Rack when the customer's name was Jack AHAHA


Saturday well spent!!

Brunch @ The Crux & Co.
Though there's like a 10min. wait? but it was worth it cuz i got a good spot!

Also, I totally did not regret ordering Bisque Benedict. The squid ink toast is yummy together with the hollaindaiseeee. The king prawns are yum too!!!
Happy tummy indeed.


Dinner @ Tina's. Damn, it had became our favorite regular spots now tsk


Got a 25 dollar tip just on my section woooo unfortunately it has to be shared among everyone bleughhh


work was pretty fun. most of the customers were decent and amazed by my not-taking-down-their-orders-but-memorizing-it. HEH challenge accepted yo!


Tuesday coffee @ Frances again.
Someone is into Pokemon Go ahahah


Not a pleasant day at all pfft
Pissed off. That bitch just ruin my day seriously.


He deleted when we were walking to the tram stop.
"I would rather spend all the time being with you than catching pokemons which got me nothing really." nawww

It was very sweet.
You can never understand how much it meant until you got one nerdy boyfriend too ahahha


Today is the day I got my first iPhone on my own. Historic moment ahaha
Anyway, morning coffee @ short straw.

Decided to really get an iphone all because my phone-for-almost-6-years? couldn't handle snapchat anymore LOL
It just froze when i took a snap and crashes LOLOL

anyway, this girl call Emma help me out with my plans and all! She's gorgeous and down to earth.
Hard to find tho to be honest because usually i got those bitch stares HAIHHH


Before getting my new phone, Ikea date!




Brunch @ Horse on Heels today.
Booked the table and try to make it on time but ... LOL
There's not many people, not that I'm complaining but ahaha rushing for nothing.


How can I get over this? As in over myself being all moody and shit. SO BITTER YET SO ANNOYING
Should I start being anti social so all of this wont get into me?


Got my noodles craving fixed! I wonder how long will it takes for me to get over Tina's noodle ahahah
It's actually kinda fun knowing that he can enjoy the same thing as me.
Look how much he had evolved from last year, trying all the new things and actually like it.



Monday bluessssss


Tuesday coffee @ Long Street. Super hippy and I love it.

Market grocery like usual. Had our budget lunch aka Bratwursts LOL


Host for tonight.
wasn't great wasn't baaaad


Saw two women walking 13 dogs wtf interesting sight
Hard to digest in the morning ahahah


wednesday coffee ventures @ Admiral Cheng Ho.
I felt like I'm not hipster enough to be in there tsk
I'm sorry to say that the coffee wasn't my type and no, the waiters are not as friendly.
Or maybe it's just me tsk

Lentil as anything for lunch because I was broke LOL
Pay as you go hehehehehe
But you know what, I do enjoy their vegan food to be honest mmmm
Them curried potatoes with broccoli


Craving for yochi just because the bus is using the lygon st route so ahem, excuses.
their winter creation is the bomb!!!
I had my raspberry chocolate molten it's freaking mouthgasmic


Pho for dinner but on our way out OMG
It's the friendly old man aka the dogwalker walking corgi, black pug and a poodle CUTE AF

Patted all of them heheh

Pho for dinner.
So on point with the timing and public transport and made him bought a jacket LOLOL
He's my kent doll :P



TGIF @ Bedford St!

walked around fitzroy because i can? ahaha jokes. fitzroy did kinda changed. Lots of new shops!
Passed by Mr simple and he shopped a little heh


Saturday coffee @ wynyard. Love the space!


Spot the dog.
well, this dog i call him milo because it reminds me of the dog from The Mask.
Anyway, we love to pat him whenever we sees him and i think he recognized us because whenever we came up he'll stop barking after he got the pats.
so it was drizzling, we'll do the "woof woof" to try to call out to him and poof, he's staring at us from the window ahahahaha TOO CUTE


Till then xx

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