Wednesday, September 16, 2015

“A year from now you will wish you had started today.” ;

"The promise of spring's arrival is enough to get anyone through the bitter winter." - Jen Selinsky



Roses ... (my very first bunch. ever. in my entire life.)

Thank you for making me feel special :)

Meat & Wine Co.
The steak is so so gooooood. Though that gay couple beside us were pretty annoying. I am not against gay people it's just particularly them having attitude problem omg. *shoots myself*
Just shout at each other over small matters and being rude. What even.
Other than that, the service was good. Food is good. Dessert is goooooooooood.


Brunch @ Denis the Menace;

According to him, we're finally on point! I swear both of us smashed the food in less than half an hour. Even though usually i am the slow one.


Soda Rock Diner with JB

Footy @ MCG // Hawks vs Geelong Cats.
Interesting experience I gotta say! Seeing how intense the audiences are. Even the little kids LOL


Had coffee in the morning @ ALL GOOD Coffee with Jarrod.
Did something productive in uni but was frustrated that my lecturer wasn't around.

Was pretty nervous for dinner but it turned out to be fine. Glad it was not awkward at all. Proud :)

Dinner @ Jinda Thai > Hot Chocolate @ Dex2Rose.


Brrrrr. Boring. Had coffee @ Khopcha then to uni. But before that, met up with JB and had brunch @ The Common.


Went to uni and did assignments after at Sun Moth.

Did laundry and while waiting, doing assignments.
It was a struggle haha.


Morning coffee @ French Fantasies.
Had breakfast trifle too!


Brunch in the morning with Denise @ Ichi Ichi Ku.
Had Matcha latte & pulled pork croquette.

Met the cousins! Talked about stuff and had sausage hotpot @ Darac.
So now all that's left is ... my mum haha

Wanted to check out fireworks in Docklands but .. the tram is too packed ughhh
So we can't be bothered.

Walked all the way to Lygon street to get my yo-chi craving fixed.
Talked too much shit.

Took the tram back home and these two good looking gay couple OMG
Especially the one in preppy style.


Brunch @ Red Robyn because it's all gluten-freeeee.

Had the confit chicken drummette.


Had a little talk after. Not sure why it got me. But that's how I know I can not get worried too much about it. All we have to do is treasure every moment that we have. It's funny how till now there's no arguments at all and still can't get enough of each other. Not sure if it's weird or this is how it should be but I'm really grateful. There's nothing else that I could ever hope for because it's too good to be true.

Fucking cheesy i know HAHA

Guess that's how I know he's the one :)


Shop shop shop @ DFO!
We are all over the place seriously.
Swear my legs is fucking hurting lololl.

Went to Docklands after to catch the tram to Bourke St.
Then to H&M.

Headed to Windsor because i found out a place that serve gluten-free dumplings.
Well, the interior was not what i expect haha.
It's sooooo chinese HAHA
Anyway, it's yumcha style so it's not the kind of dumplings that i expect but it was awesome i gotta say!

Had the prawn and vege bun and a serve of prawn and crab dumplings. SO SO GOOD.

Headed to dumpling table after because it's not as filling.
But seriously, asian restaurants are so dodgy. No card allowed and well, if you only order one dish, you get kicked out -_________-
Ironically i worked at an asian restaurant too. which i am not really proud of at all!


Had a really good talk at night again, just to reassure that there's nothing that we need to worry at all.
Made a deal with me saying that he will make it stop if there's anything that made me feel uncomfortable :')
I swear that's my first time having happy tears rolling down ever after someone telling me right into my face. Never had this kind of experience before.
That's how happy I am.

I am so blessed that's for sure.


Weeee. Met up with Grace in the morning and head ourselves to Pillar of Salt.
Had the kimchi fritters and girls talk :)


Off we go to Phillip Island!

Stopped at Carmadeale farm and weeee, get to check out the milking process!

This resort is amazing omgggg.

Anyway it was relaxing. Had bbq sausages and steak for dinner!


Brunch @ Big Wave Cafe > A'Maze N' Things > Pannys Chocolate Factory > Cape Woolamai > Anzacs Beach > Woolamai Beach > Chilled for a bit > Penguin Parade > Watermark Restaurant

It was freezing out there while waiting for the penguins but it was worth it! Sat nearby the primary school kids and see them get all hyped out trying to spot the penguins coming out from the water nawwwww


Dinner. I got my seafood craving fixed but sadly, the grilled octopus' portion is freakishly small. It was good tho!


Brunch @ Porter Republic

Churchill Island exploration day.
We were there too early so after exploring everything, we decided to take a walk on the trail to kill time but me being a "smartass" thought the south loop ends at 200m is the other way, but we ended up walking both loops which is aka 4km OMG

I swear my legs were breaking off.
Anyhow, missed out the cow milking session :(
Bummer! But managed to check out the rest.

Someone did the whip cracking well heh. PROUD

Went back home and chillax a little before dinner.
So we decided to went to the pool! Jacuzzi and steam room as well heh.

It's my first time being lifted and sat on his shoulder heh!

Went to San Remo to get our groceries after and take away chinese food.
Ah well. Had a laugh about it when that chinese woman couldn't understand what's gluten. Yikes.


Watched Hell's Kitchen and laughed our asses off ahahaha.
Oh Gordon Ramsay.
I was so stressed out even though I am not a contestant.


Can't believe it's our last night here :(


Last day at Phillip Island. Checked out and bummer, it was raining the whole morning so we didn't get the chance to bounce and be kiddy. Damn it.


Coffee @ Bean'd


Thee's this spring fashion week going on in the city, every retail outlets having their special event going on. Packed with people!

Went to FOMO to grab dinner. Had my grilled squid!

Had my chillbro paletas too. Yogurt and berries. Reminded me of Magnum ice cream.

Fireworks at Docklands. Finally made it!
Pretty romantic I would say heh.

Went to grab a router then gongcha after! It's like my weekly drink now thanks to someone tsk


Red Door Corner Store in the morning.
I loved my ocean trout!

Then walked back to the station to catch the train back to the city.
QVM shopping a little.
Headed to DFO to change the size of the jumper but unfortunately it's not available.

Set up my WiFi router. Ah what would i do without him heh


Met up with his friends at misty's.
Wasn't as awkward as I thought but yeah, it was alright.


Went to Woolies @ QV then back home again.


Worked at night.

Did some stupid stuff today ahah.
I brought out the dish to this table of customers and yelled out "K1!" instead of the dish's name HAHA
The parents and their kids were just staring at me and then i realized I was being an idiot. They were just laughing bahahaha


Skyped with mum and sister!

So they'll be here from 13th till the 25th December! Can't wait :D

Anyhow, I still dont have the guts telling my mum about it but in the mean time, I've never felt so bonded with my sister ever.
We were never close before ever. Because I felt irritated when we were younger that she was trying to sabotage my life. Or maybe because she was immature but now everything has changed.
I even asked for advice and I was really grateful that when we were trying to drop the hints, she tried her best helping me convincing my mum too.

I am really really touched.
After that we had a chat, I was really surprised how mature she is now. Well, not as mature but definitely changed a lot.
I certainly looking forward to reunite with her and the rest of my family.

Of course, I hope my mum will be happy about it.


Went to Townhouse to grab a coffee.

Waited for the boy.
Did laundry.
Went to breizoz just because I haven't been there for too long.

Loved my coing LOL. Whatever that is but the homemade raspberry froyo is amazing!


Then to Pacific BBQ @ South Yarra to get our second round dinner.
OMG the service is amazing i gotta say.
Well i didn't expect asian restaurants to have such friendly staff especially ahem hongkong kinda cuisine.

I got free soups! Heh.


First day of spring!
Sunny day but sadly no one to hang out with :(

Glad he got his interview. Fingers crossed!


Went out to grab a coffee because I just have to.
Spotted a place call Pardon coffee @  Prahran.

The baristas are super friendly.
Enthusiastic too.
It's pretty hilarious when I saw this dude ordered his takeaway coffee and after that, I heard he turned back to the cafe and thanked the barista saying that "I came back just to tell you guys that your coffee is smoooooth."

WOAH. Such compliment ahaha. And sincerity.


Work ... BORING.

Ah mang is in Melbie! My roommate for 8 nights!


Brunch with the girls @ Mart 130 >  St Kilda Beach > South Melbourne Market > Chez Dre > DFO.

According to her, we looked like a couple. And look at the background. So fake! Looked like a postcard LOL

Met up with him and had gluten free dumplings @ Juicy Dumplings on Chapel.
The prawn dumplings are awesome!


North Melbourne adventure in the morning.
5 Lire's hotcakes were too photogenic I swear.


Accompanied this woman to Fandango and she fed me with her food ahaha (she's going to kill me when she saw this)


Tall timber in the morning.
The granola was really goooood.

Went to uni hoping to do something productive but mehhh

Met up with him after.
Window shopped a little. Bought some macaroons as a gift.
Maedaya was awesome. The chicken giblets were grilled to perfection.

Il Dolce Fredo after. Then Macca's for supper!


Venture out to Little Frankie's then off we go to Werribee.
Well, the bus only runs every hour so we walked around and grab some food at a new cafe call The Crooked Fork.Love the interior!

Werribee Zoo! Saw mama koala hugging baby koala to sleep. Nawwww

Went to I love Pho to satisfy my cravings. Off we go to Joomak after chilling back home around 9.30ish.


Father's Day in OZ.
Felt bad because I never helped my dad celebrate before.
Would love to do that when I get to reunite with my family.
Treat them a really nice meal and be thankful for all the things that they did for me.


Work wasn't too bad. Was in charge of the take away section and just realized it was way too long since I was there.


Drag myself to wake up early in the morning because I needed help for my rheology graph.
It was helpful though the tutorial.


Met up with karmem after then we went to the grain store!

Le Petit Gateau after. There's this really good looking dude in a suit woooo.

Shopping journey starts. From Harbour Town to Spencer Outlet.
Ugh. I wasn't suppose to shop at all pffft!

Luxbite later on.

Less than a month and I am back in meat and wine co again!
It was really really good. Maybe it's just me.
Dressed up fancy and went to casino right after dinner!

Thanks Karmem for the dinner treat though I insist not to. That woman.


Can't believe 7 nights had just passed by in a blink of an eye.
Still remember the first time we met up after work, we didn't hug each other at first because I was kinda in a rush but I decided to take the tram instead so I hugged the rest as well.
She looked kinda awkward to me and she's been explaining that she felt really guilty and scared that her presence is inconvenient to me which is bullshit because I was the one that should felt guilty as hell for not being inconvenient to her.
Talking about how Sydney was and the complicated system of Melbourne's public transport to her and she was amazed by how I pulled the string to alert the tram driver that I am going to stop.

After that she commented on me being COOL.
I am not as enthusiastic or responsive compared to the last time she saw me.
And it hit me.

Pretty hard I would say. Didn't realized that coming to Melbourne had taught me how to be independent and maybe, a little too over independent that made me forgot how to hang around with the others.
Well, its true I enjoyed my alone time way too much. It's good that I need no one to make my life occupied and accompanied, but this doesn't make me a better person.
What if everything slowly drifted apart because I decided not to be around anyone else anymore.
Hate feeling this way really.
Every single time when she mentioned or asked why am I so cool, I've no idea how I should act really.
It kinda bugged me because I wasn't what am I used to be.

It's crazy how someone that hasn't seen you for awhile could notice changes on you and once they mentioned it, you can never look at yourself the same. Anymore.

I felt really bad because before I came here, I think me and JB kinda bugged her to come and visit us here and now that she's here, everything doesn't go like we imagined.
I had few days of work when she's around, didn't really make the most out of her trip because I wasn't there for her to bring her around and show her the Melbourne sights and hidden gems.
I wasn't as excited because I was no longer unfamiliar to what I have seen as I've been here for quite some time. So the perspective towards the stuff that I've seen is not as new as what she sees and hence, me being all cool and shit.

Or maybe I wasn't a people person anymore.


Seriously, what have I did to myself?

Karmem (if you see this),
I don't blame you for not being comfortable when you're with me but I sincerely hope you enjoy your stay even though I didn't help you much with anything at all. I was suppose to bring you around but I didn't instead I let you wander around without any proper guidance.
But I am really touched that you did make it around to see me!
You've no idea how much it meant to me when I was to hang around and see a familiar face after not meeting each other for a very long time. Let alone the usual conversation that we had before even though well, I changed which made the conversation not as easy to flow like last time and I seriously can't remember what was it like.

Sorry I let you down. And also, sorry for all the impatience and nagging LOL
Just hoping that this doesn't mean I would drift apart with a friend like you.
Will see you real soon that's for sure!
Safe journey and all the best back home!


Got my breakfast treat by karmem @ Tivoli Road Bakery.
That pear Danish tart is amazingggg.


Sent karmem off then off I go to Upper Ferntree Gully.
Wanted to do thousand steps but well, the weather is really baaaaad. So we ended up going to Earthly Pleasures Cafe and guess who I saw? The legendary Belgrave wizard that I've heard LOLOL

Anyway, napped a little then decided to have the second go to 1000steps because the weather is really good in the afternoon ahaha
Well, didn't manage to finish it all because my butt hurts. I am weak!


Dinner at To Sa Biang!
Quiet night in and assignments brrrrr


Woke up at 5am just to finish off the report. *typical*


Meeting in the morning then presentation after.
In between, we went to Rustica Canteen for lunch. Omg it's amazing! Had the nutella brioche french toast and it's affordable!

Presentation was nerve wrecking but I did it!

Thursday always suck tho. Can't wait till TGIF!


TGIF. Woooo.
It was really sunny I was really happy because I get to wear my shirt dress after so loooong

Anyhow, went to the market to grab my groceries and had market lane coffee too.
Off we go to Pana chocolate because the chocolates are all organic and gluten free.

Then back to the city to have dinner with both Ric and Jonny. Haven't see my favorite boys in too loooong. Bumped into Ric in the tram tho LOL
Had dinner @ Carlton Curry House and omg, didn't knew lamb rogan josh is amazing!
Had it with naan and it was the bomb.

Anyhow, Ric got us souvenirs! And also, I am glad to see he get along well with my friends.


Usual Saturday routine.
Brunch @ Maddox Cafe this time.

It was amazinggg.
The coffee was so good that it was actually my first time finish it way before i got my meal.
Hands down to the ode to the sandwich.

So so good.


DFO after because someone wanted shorts so I pestered him to get one LOL


Met up with Grace and JB after for dinner @ Jang Gun.
Thank goodness the chef was friendly enough to mentioned which dishes are gluten free.


Sunday = Assignments + Work ughhh


Work was pretty entertaining. Smashed the take away section tho heh.
Got orders from the hot police.
Hilarious phone call with a guy named Russell and he laughed like mad because I misheard his name as Muscle bahahahaha
Had a really good laugh.


Went to uni to get our last ever report done!

Before that, headed to Frances Food and Coffee. Damn. Those raspberry gelato on my pancakes.


Headed home.
Wanted to grab some food but everywhere else was closed around 4pm. Awkward timing so we hanged around at ben & jerry's then had shanghai street dumpling for dinner.

Did laundry and went to Fawkner park to channel our inner childishness.


Headed to the city because i wanted to get my macca's fries and congee craving fixed!
Gongcha after because someone wanted it.


Boring Tuesday.
Not productive at all.


Till then xx

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