Thursday, June 4, 2015

Reality matters;

"Sometimes we think we know what we want, but we don't actually know what we need until we find it.";

Didn't post anything for a month omg.
Wonder if anyone do check/notice my blog ahaha


Ugh loooong Friday!

Caught up with Denise first at Creperie le Triskel. It's been 2 months since I last met up with her brrr.

Caught up with the twins and her sister before she fly back to Msia!
Got Korean take out and talked crap as usual. Can't believe two weeks has just gone by like that.


Had brunch @ Friends of Mine then card hunting @ the city!

Really hate it when I have to work at night. I was late 10 mins though.
Worked with the lady boss as the host. Luckily it wasn't as stressful as compared to the manager. At least she made me felt that I am needed! & that night was extremely busyyyy. No idea why. But thankfully, I have no met any mean customers yet. Love it when those customers just thank me sincerely when they finally got their tables and gave me a smile before they left. Especially when those leng luis that did that wooooo


Went to Prahran market to get some vege to make ABC soup as dinner!
Had market lane coffee for takeout.

It's been awhile since I had such a chilled out weekend :)

Skyped with le mum and sister.
It's funny how my mum got distracted by the TV while talking to me ughhh
"So the tv is more attractive compared to your daughter now huh?" I said to her. And she & my sister just laughed out loud. ARGH
Miss them so!


& I am really thankful for all the things that I have right now :)

I haven't been as happy for a very long time!


Was supposed to be a hot day but damn, the wind is killing me.
Ugh Monday.
Though I was pretty happy because lecture was cancelled! But in the end, we still get together to discuss the PD stuff. Boringggg

At night was the fun part of course!
Had Andrew's hamburgers after so loooong!


UGHHHH. Definitely a day to remember.

Fucking hell.

Well, it's a long day obviously so it sucks already. but that's not the worse part.
We had cheese grading aka cheese tasting for today's dairy practical. That's not my highlight of the day either given that I really dislike cheese BLEUGHHH

Fucking hell.
During the starting of the cheese grading session, the smell of all types of cheeses are driving me insane already but guess what, a few black and white spots started to appear. I thought it wasn't serious because I haven't experience this for almost 10 years! (because when I had this, it was kind of my "fainting" symptom) & FUCKING HELL it really happened.

I held JB's shoulder and said I think I was about to faint. And according to him, I did hit the basket while trying to walk out of the pilot plant and look for a spot to sit but it was difficult because I can't see anything clearly.
Oh god.

But when I sat down, I realized (sorta) i toppled some of the conical flasks which is of course, not a pretty sight. (I didn't break it). So I tried my best to move somewhere else where I can be noticeable to anyone really, but damn, the two female demonstrators didn't notice me at all until I said," hey, I think I'm not feeling well."

Next thing I know is Frank trying to feed me honey with warm water for about three times and I felt so much better! Starting to see colors again.

So I was told to move to somewhere else to get some rest and stuff.
Had pears, had water and had milo. Being treated like a VIP muahahaha

It's not bad after all.

Special thanks to this particular demonstrator trying to make me feel better and looking after me for almost an hour and a half. ngawww
And also Dr. Kambiz came in a few times to check on me.

And yeap, I am back to doing those prac and fucking hell, I managed to skip the whole cheese tasting session which is of course a good news to me muahahahaha.

Still trying to workout the reason why did I passed out though.

Anyhow, it's really nice when my team members asked how am I feeling and stuff which is what I needed to boost myself!
Overall it was a fun practical. Had pizzas and ice cream after using the cheeses we made!

Anyway, at the end of the prac, Frank was giving out his speech and guess what, he mentioned about my incident and pointed at me. GODDAMNIT. I swear my face turned into a tomato ughhhhh

Oh well. But it was definitely worth mentioning here :)

Lesson learnt: Get breakfast and stay away from cheese HAHAHAHAHA
(don't take it seriously guys, I am just being dumb)


Had a good day. Got our results back for the first interview yay and it's HD for my group! That's a relieve.

Also, went to Ikea after sooo loooong! then to Mad Mex after. Had the hot salsa which burns my tongue. UGHHH. Now I am weak! Low tolerance towards spicy food. SHIT


Boring boring Thursday brrrr.

Nothing much happened. Same old annoying Thursday and always looking forward to the weekend of course!

Though I am pretty nervous about tomorrow .... (wish myself luck!)
Please leave a good impression and don't ruin things. Gotta make people to like you.


Well, TGIF for this week! We did one block experiment hence we are free. Plus, Liz shorten her lecture only for this week which is also a rare occasion!
Did our PD group report bla bla bla then enjoyed TGIF with JB by having brunch!

Though we headed to Arbory for a drink then brunch ahaha.
Being hippy and shit.

Then to Bowery to Williamsburg and had the Southern Fried Chicken Waffle. It was alright!
Their baked eggs are still amazing tho.


Got home and had nap! After sooo looooong.

I swear I don't understand how those girls can rock on those outfits without putting on jacket while walking down the streets. It's so friggin cold i can't even stand still!


Been talking about all those What Ifs and still can never understand how this whole system can be so critical. It's scary but in the mean time, it's pretty amazing.

Your destiny and fate is literally a moment away or a move away.

What if I didn't start all of this at all?
What if I didn't choose to come over?
What if I am still stuck on my previous relationship?
What if I haven't got over at all?

Will I still be happy?

Those past awful experiences did shape my thoughts and help me in understanding what I really want. Also, it did taught me how to appreciate all the little things.

It's scary what I am experiencing now is actually all I ever wanted. Too good to be true.
The people; The city; The lifestyle. No matter how stressful and lonely I can ever be, I can still cope with it pretty well.


Maybe angels decided to send me someone that can put up with all of this flaws of mine.
There's actually someone that can be able to tolerate all of this and still appreciate me.

I am thankful.

Thankful that I didn't hold on to my pasts at all and also, determine to search for the right one.
I guess it's good to be picky?

Hoping for many more better days ahead and it last. I don't want to be greedy at all.
I just wanna be each other's better person, but not a handful.

p/s: i might have realized that the word happy, or what has been referred to myself as happiness, might have a whole new different level now.

p/p/s: I am not drunk LOL


Fiesta Malaysia in the morning. It was alright. I still miss the legit pasar malam! (which doesn't cost as much ughhh)

Wanted to go to Operator 25 right after but there's a friggin looong queue so we headed to Krimper.


Work was a pain in the ass though.
Fucking hell. It was extremely busy. Well, I got partnered with the lady boss again.
She's nice but ugh, when the manager starts to interrupt the sequence of the people who is on the waiting list, I am the one who got screwed up.

You were fucking late when you made the reservation but you dare to raise your voice at me? Fuck off.

And to another customer, I told you to be patient. and I did said AT LEAST. Clean your ear shit man. Shouted at me as if I can get more tables empty.

What a douche.

Still, that's just a minority of annoying customers. Most of them are really nice and friendly.

Those smiles just made my day!


Happy Mother's Day, mummy!


Caught up with Ric @ Malvern and headed for brunch @ Eden Espresso.


Wanted to go to Sofia's but the train will take loooong ugh. Hence I suggested Trippy Taco's,
Had fun. Met aloooot of interesting in the tram ugh.

Also, the tram driver with his accent. CAN'T STOP LAUGHING. Swear I was laughing like crazy bahahah


Had QA test this morning omggg
Scary shit.


Dairy prac. The last one ever. NO. I won't faint anymore ahaha.
Can't believe the others still teased me about it LOL


Cold as hell.

Had Brother's Burger which is newly opened at Chapel St. Love the Strawberry milkshake yummm



Everytime after having the QA workshop, always felt all grumpy because there's always stuff that we have to worry about. So not looking forward to the production run which starts at 7.30am sharp and people will be watching and "sabotaging" us with dumb and annoying questions pfffft.



Grabbed doughnut with JB and Jarrod. Talked for a bit then headed to food truck festival right after.
Also venture to Chapel's St newly opened Shanghai St! I am glad they opened one nearby my area yay!

Super bloateddddd




Friday was not as bad. Morning lecture which not many people attended. Possibly the location and of course, the weather is too nice to sleep in BRUH.

Anyhow, during breaks in between, went to grab a coffee @ Queensberry Pour House. Ah how I miss Carlton!

Prac right after. Boringggg. But last prac ever though!

TGIF starts right after!

Had mango beer @ Double Happiness w/ JB.


Went to DFO but didn't get myself anything at all ughhh

But the night walk across the yarra river felt nice!

After that I had dinner @ Sofia's then headed back home. It's funny how there's always "interesting" people in the tram or train.
There's this philosopher-wannabe talking about religions and stuff bla bla bla.


3 months of joy :)


Ugh. Too nice to sleep in!

Had brunch @ The Stables of Como. Stepped on mud ughhh
Serves me right.

Anyway, it's a really hidden and pretty place!

Love this really cute kid omggg.
Kept smiling at us ahaha.

Also, before we left, his mum asked where did the food go and he just rubbed his stomach LOLOL
TOO CUTE. His sister was pretty embarrassed on the other hand nawww aahahah

Days like this felt too goooood.

Work always ruined my moment ughhh
Plus it's a really nice weather. All sunny!

Work sucks though. Fucking aloooot of HUGE tables all at the same time. *cries*

Though today the customers are all pretty nice to me so yeah.

SO NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO MONDAY T______________T Kill me nowwwww. Fucking production run @ 7.30am


Decided to train myself to wake up early for Monday's production run but guess what, EPIC FAIL.

Couldn't be bothered till 8 something ughhh

Did laundry then wait till JB got himself ready so we went to grab coffee before we head to uni to do some work.

The waitress @ Cafe Gaia is so pretty. HER DIMPLES THO

Anyhow, headed ourselves to Carlton Library to get shit done. Which we did. (a little bit! still better than nothing) HAHA

Decided to grab dinner @ M Yong Taufu because i was craving for both roti w/ curry sauce & fish fillet noodle!
That's about it. Boring weekend.

Doomsday approaching but I hope all is well!


Production run was surprisingly .... not as chaotic! Which is good.
Except the part when I cleaned the table and accidentally dropped the filling on the floor :/

But at least it went well!

Woke up around 5am just to get ready. Wanted to grab coffee but usually most of them opens at 7am ._.

So I got one @ Cup of Truth.

Went to the Pilot Plant feeling like a zombie ....


Had a great Monday after all! Had lunch at Manchester Press because it's been way too long!
This really cute cashier made my day. Loved how cheeky she is!

Had an hour nap then met up w/ Grace, Jane and the rest @ Hanoi Hannah. Not too bad. Had this spicy pork noodle soup which is not really spicy haha

bla bla bla.

Just so glad that I can sleep in for the next day!


Woohoooo. Rainy day and it's super nice to sleep in!
Had brunch @ two dudes kitchen. Loved the cornflakes coated french toast but sucks that I couldn't finish it because we are running out of time :/

Thanks to me. All just because i wanted to buy vege & pork ribs for tonight's dinner!
Made watercress soup yummm

Anyhow, when we were on the way to the market, this tram driver is really energetic.
I thought he's gonna announced the tram broke down but .. (can't exactly remember what he said but I tried hard to quote the best i can remember) "ladies & gentleman, this definitely sounds better than the robotic voice but I'm here just to let you guys know it is a pleasure driving you guys and the free tram zone is ending in 1 stop."
nawwww, if only every tram drivers are as polite.
Love how energetic he is!

This would be great in a way to make someone's day i reckon.





Had brunch @ Archie's All Day.

Then headed to Knox to watch unfriended w/ the siblings.
The movie was pretty dumb .______.

But hanging out with the sister is the first and surprisingly fun!


Went to Joomak around 11pm because I was craving for the rice wine and also, the pancake!


Headed to Prahran.
Had coffee at first then all the ingredients that I needed for ABC soup because I was broke LOL

Watched mulan while having lunch bahahha


Work right after ugh
I swear I had the most frustrating train ride ever.


Brunch with JB wooo

Headed to Seddon Deadly Sins.
Really like the name of the place. So freaking cool.
Anyway, the waiter was really friendly!

I shopped a little oops.

Then went to uni for a bit. Was supposed to do something productive but nayyyy.

Went home and ended up doing nothing. Other than eating all the remaining food left in the fridge.


Today's date is pretty familiar.
Just remembered it was his birthday, someone who was dear to me several years ago.
Can't believe it was 7 years ago.
How crazy time flies.

Have you ever wondered someone whom was that important can just disappear out of your life without any sound or traces of their news at all?
Not to say that I still linger to the past or anything. I was just being curious how all these things work. People can just go all "back to normal" routine, moving on without your past lover's presence.


Just wonder how has he been doing so far.
Well, still need to thank him for all the great memories that I had before. Looking back and see how immature the relationship has been.
At least I knew I was.
Certainly didn't make the relationship an amazing one. Probably because I'm being really immature and demanding I guess?

But without all of these, I wouldn't have grown out of it.
I am glad that now I can finally enjoy and living the best out of it.
Being able to realize what I really want in a relationship.

Without you or what we had before, I wouldn't have become what I am for now.(part of it)
It's been on-off for almost 4 years and when both of us decided to call it off, even though it hurts, it did taught me a lot. From my perspective on being in love (that's for sure).

Just wanna say,
thank you.


On a side note, FML.
It's week 12 this week aka the very last week of the semester.

Exams coming soon T_____T


Didn't jot down the bits & pieces happened during the last week.
But nothing exciting.

Did had a beer tasting @ Carlton United Brewery as a plant visit for Food Manufacture.

Just headed to cafe called Husband & pretty much enjoy the morning greet from the barista!
Super friendly. I can see why all the customers seemed to be able to interact with him well.

Well, I was taking out my notes trying to study and he's like, "Studying?"
"Yeah. Having a test in two days time."
"Well, exam sucks!"

And before I left he wished me luck! Super nice ei?

Just can't wait till Friday already which is later on weeeeeee
MAD MAX MAD MAX MAD MAX. Been longing to watch this movie for awhile!
Tom Hardy yoooo


Started off the Friday morning pretty badly I would say?
Had early morning test but surprisingly, I think I did so much better than the first.

One of the team member was having an issue with the team leader.
Didn't know it'll be ugly but at least it was solved! I'm glad.

Had beer @ the hummingbird with JB and the ang mohs. It was good.

Then my TGIF starts right now!

Had dinner @ TGIFridays. The sirloin was not bad at all and the chips omgggg

Best part of the night was getting to watch Mad Max in GoldClass! Fucking fancy ahahha.
The movie was really thrilling but weird at the same time.
Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron and Rosie Huntington-Whitely. It's hard to go wrong.
Also, Nicholas Hoult!


Saturday was not too bad wither.
Had brunch @ Little Somethin Somethin.

Then work suckssss
Fucking busy. And all of the big big tables. Kill me now ughh
And I was kinda pissed that customers think that was my fault.
Having to explain the waiting time SUCKSSSSS



Brunch with the one of the twins @ The Vertue of Drinking Coffee or whatever the name is.

Then cafe hopping @ NORA.


So near yet so close to the goddamn QA interview.
Went to uni to do some work.
But before that I went to Assembly to grab a coffee!

And worry about the packaging after ughhh
Annoying much,

My very own DIY packaging. Kinda proud of myself.
But ahem, Something terrible happened that night. Not terrible but well, totally didn't see that coming. AT ALL.
So, I was asked to grab dinner with my uncle and the other uncle who is here travelling for a couple of days but I am having the interview for the next day & gotta do this annoying packaging so I turned down.

The group meeting has already got me pretty impatient because it took goddamn 5 hours just to compile all 4 manuals and made it looked neat.


Screw it.
I decided to grab dinner @ Lygon Street with him.
Tiamo it is!

Anyhow, cousin sister texted me saying they were grabbing dinner soon so I asked where are they going and BAM, she replied TIAMO.

Did took a group picture with the rest and yeah. Awkward awkward.
It's funny how my cousin brothers are so much taller and I've no idea why but my aunt & uncle seemed to look shorter hmmmm


Great. Now the news is going to spread around.
Oh well.

Gotta embrace it anyway. Ugh mum. Hope you understand.

Such a small small world!


Nervous like shit before the interview but we can't really prepare anyway haih

But yeah, I am so proud of myself. Thought I'll be nervous and freak out because there's a video recording as well. But nah, when the industry people direct questioning me, I answered it without having my voice shaking at all. OMG
I am so so happy!!

I am so done with this goddamn subject!
All 13 weeks of effort has finally paid off! WOOHOOO
Can't be anymore grateful!

Had drinks @ Oxford Scholar with Tim & Jarrod at first but Tim has to go back so yeah.
Waited for JB and the 3 of us went to Trunk because I need fooood! Was craving for the burger. And yeah, Jarrod was super hyper though lolol


Met up with Ric & Jonny in the morning @ Proving Grounds.
Talked shit like usual.

The waitress has DIMPLES OMG
Look at my obsession ahaha


Went to uni & finish up PD. WOOHOO

Had drinks again with Jarrod & JB @ Father's Office.
Our new drinking buddy, Can't blame old people ahahah

That's all.


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