Thursday, April 30, 2015

Lost track in time;

Apology for the disappearance; For those whom are concern, I am well ahahahaa JOKES it's not even funny


Met the family!

Got lots of hugs. Even from the dogs LOL



Okay obviously I've lost track in time.

This few weeks has been torturing me to death! I don't even have time to upload photos to my laptop and blog about it.
I felt bad for neglecting my weekly ranting spot. So much to jot down but damn, I can't remember any of it now.
It's just too much of workload and me not being consistent with my homework. Serves me right.

But for dairy practical which was happened like 2 days ago (21st April) was the best among all of the other prac sessions because 1) I had awesome teammates! 2) people that I'm comfortable with
Made Mozarella cheese, Cheddar cheese, yogurt and also ice cream! Well, not the fun of it of course, there's always reports right after ughhhh

Though, it was pretty nice because my "uni eye candy/uni crush" was being nice handling all the process with me or for me and of course for the others as well. But I didn't felt like I was down in the pilot plant for almost 6 hours making cheese (which I really hate but now I don't HAHA)

Just praying hard that the product turned out alright.

Also, Quality Assurance. This fucking pain in the ass subject. I seriously can't believe it's fucking week 8 next week OMGGGGG

Which means it's our first interview. UGHHHH
I am freaking nervous about how am I going to perform. Sigh.


In the mean time, I am glad that I ain't alone in this chaotic situation. At least I have someone to share the pain with, talked about it, rant about it and someone that helped me to relieve all of this stress!

Also, the cousins' mum and sister is around for this week!
The other day, I finally had homemade bak kut teh along with chinese tea.
Never felt so warm for a very loooong time.

Never expect my aunt to gave me a hug before I left and also, she gave me a few stuff like jerky or peanut pastry which I haven't seen for awhile.
Being able to taste it is freaking touching you see T_________T
Ah. Never felt more loved. She certainly reminds me of my mum because oh well, maybe I haven't seen them for awhile.


Watched Avengers the other night at the drive-in theatre and I didn't expect ang moh to be pretty hyped out about this. It's freaking jam in the entrance. It was supposed to start at 9.30pm but it got postponed to 10pm which makes the movie finished at 12.30pm.

Oh well. It was great because there's Chris Evans in it. My eye candy! But I think I prefer the first avengers tho. Doesn't matter. It's just my opinion. Had a great company that released my stress. Thanks <3


Ah. Can't believe working today actually helped me in releasing my stress!
Counter attack or my mind is fucking with me.
Or it could be the way those customers smiled at me and stuff made me really happy.
That could be it haha. Made a little sense now.


Have you ever passed by someone that you've talked to probably once or twice a multiple times but you wasn't sure if you should make a move?
Ugh really hate that feeling.
That awkward eye contact.
Anyhow, past is the past.

I guess this semester is way too busy for me to even be emotional.
But holy shit, every time I think about how quick time flies, it scared the shit out of me.
I really have no idea what the future will take me.
I really wanna stay.
I had fallen in love with my current life and this awesome city. Imagine the days without it will really make me depress!


Even though this semester was pretty annoying, those group works and meetings actually get me the chance to know more about my classmates and I even get the chance to hang out with them which is pretty amazing!
Next semester I reckon it wouldn't be as frequent tho.

Another thing to be emotional about.
Too late.

If only I get to know them earlier :/
This feeling sucks!


Of course I miss out the ANZAC Day. UGHHH
Kinda regret now. It's the 100th year and ughhh, just shouldn't mention about it anymore!



Interview 1 for QA: CHECKED

Nervous like shit. Felt so unprepared. Keep getting butterflies in my stomach. Afraid that lecturers will ask tough questions but it was alright.

It's doneeeee.

Met up with Siew Ern right after for The Script's concert but we had thai dinner before along with the others!

Ready for The Script. Waited for freaking one hour for them to appear but to be frank, I think they're the most interactive ones compared to all the past concerts that I had been. They are truly amazing!
Didn't expect Danny to ask one of the fans to ring his/her ex so that he can sing Nothing to that douchebag. In a way, that asshole is pretty lucky but in a humiliated way ahaha.


Oh well. Sorry been too busy with all the ongoing stuffs and my USB cable is being a bitch. Gotta get a new one so that I can upload all the photos! UGHHHH

Till then xx

WTF is May already tomorrow ._.

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