Sunday, April 12, 2015

I'd live in the moment more if I could;


Trying out my rice cooker for the first time ever after a freaking year! Cooked my instant noodle with it and it worked. Phewww. Though it took much longer time.

Too chillax for today.
Didn't do anything productive at all.
Gotta be prepared for a loooong loooooooong day.

& I just realized how broke I am.

Not to mention, it's Ed Sheeran's concert for tomorrow omggg
Time flies!


Monday blueessssss.

Sucks when I know there's a prac session for QA today brrr!
3 hours of boring lecture in the morning.

Got coffee take out @ The Vertue of Coffee Drink.
Super hidden!

Got my caffeine fixed and headed right to the lecture theatreee.

An hour break then brrrr. 4 hours prac session making 72 samosas fml!
But it turned out that our group had improved so much as compared to last week :)
I am glad.

Uni "crush" asked me to try his ice cream when I bumped into him nearby the blast freezer ngawww

Anyhow, had a pot of cider while others had a pint of beer after the prac session!

And Ed Sheeran's concert with Ric right after.
It's been awhile.

The opening act was Conrad Sewell. Never knew I would get to see him live tho.
Loved his song call Hold Me Up.

And next act, Jamie Lawson.
I swear he's super awkward whenever he talks normally. LOLOL
He's like "I choked in the end right after I finished this song, thought I'll share that." *rolls eyes*
Then, "I'm travelling to Melbourne alone," ... (I thought he was going to say which hotel he'll be at though HAHAHA) "just wanna take a selfie with you guys, say cheeseeee,"
LIKE WHAT ahahahaha
Didn't see that coming

And finally, Ed Sheeran appeared like 8.30pm.
Started off with I'm a Mess.
bla bla bla. Then Don't and few unfamiliar songs in between.
Glad that he performed most of the songs that I wished he did!
I See Fire;
Bloodstream! (I swear I had eargasm like at the end of the song because the way he played the guitar uh-mazinggggg)
Give Me Love;
Thinking Out Loud;
Lego House;
etc etc

Almost an hour and a half of awesomeness and with his Brit accent!

It's pretty amazing I am still pretty energetic for it!
Also, this day was his 3rd day straight of tour date in Melbourne ._______.

My all time favorite concert kaki!


Just food manufacture lecture in the morning zzzz

& then, finally paid my school fees on the very last day of census date. Terrible.

Anyway, had brunch for like after 2584645 days, felt like it's been a very loooong time!
Industry beans!

And yeah, work at night. Nothing exciting enough.


I was just browsing though my photos and looked how much everything changes.
People that I hang out with from high school till now.

People come and go, really.
It's scary.
Scary scary world out there & the worst part is not knowing how and why they left.

The shitty part really is when they left without a sound.
Ah well.
There's so many things to worry about either other than this. So I couldn't be bothered.
I should get used to this by now.
Just hang on to those that are dear to you.


April Fooooool.
But damn, no one fooled me at all. Boring!

Well, just before workshop, met up with JB to grab brunch @ Tall Timber.
That Timber's Benedict tho. So so gooood.

QA workshop was typical.
Everyone was struggling to ask questions with the lecturers. Ah well.

Got chocolate mousse from my "uni crush".

Later then accompanied him and another classmate to Don Don to get their late lunch.
Talked shit ahaha.

After that went to Gelateria Primevera because it's been awhile!

Then bla bla bla, walked till our legs fall off then I decided to eat at Laksa Bar ahahah

That's about it.


Mid semester break starts now!
And woo, I spent the whole day doing nothing.

Just waiting to kill time and off to work.
Terrible ahaha


Good Friday!

Wasn't as good as I expected. Everywhere was close.
Decided to go to Auction Rooms but when we arrived I saw the damn loooong queue so I gave up!

Anyhow, we went to Di Bella instead.

Bla bla bla. Wanted to watch Fast & Furious but yeah, the crowd killed the fun. AGAIN. UGHHHH

So we went to Loop Roof for a cocktail.

Then venture to Elsternwick! It's pretty dead except for a few Asian restaurants.
Oh well.

Had my Spicy Prawn salad @ Phad Thai Food.


Laundry day. Nothing much though.

And boring work in the evening pffft.

I was a host that night and guessed what, I encountered another fucking rude lady. She's a Chinese though (oh why am I not surprised)
She just screamed and yelled at me. Requested for a space for her stroller and I did freaking mentioned that it's AT LEAST 20 minutes to half an hour wait and she kept bugging me. Babbling with all the mandarin words OH PLSSSS

Still don't understand why you have to be so impatient. You have to expect this if you were to dine in at such restaurant alright.
Shouting or making things worse than ever doesn't help in getting you a fucking table.

Not to sound racist but yeah, every time I encountered this sort of situation, it's usually Chinese.
UGHHH. Why people why?

Don't make people generalize us yellow-skinned as rude fucktards or what pfft.
Pretty ashamed somehow.
Made all the other customers feel uncomfortable and they didn't even complaint ARGHHHH

Anyway, it's bloodmoon.
Get to witness with my own eyes but my phone is too lousy to take a picture of it.
Though I saw some lady at the train station's platform pulled out her DSLR from her handbag LOLOL

You go girl!


Cycled all the way to pink salt lake! From Southern Cross > South Wharf > Port Melbourne >  Westgate Park > Sandridge Beach > D'lish Fish & Chips > South Melbourne > South Melbourne Market > St Ali > City

He got me a humpty dumpty!

I am grateful I had an unusual Easter egg hunt. I felt bad though.

Met up with sumin & FC along with JB right after!

It's been a loong while. Queuing up for Hakata Gensuke for almost 20 mins but it was not too bad because we were all chit chatting.


Strawberry picking with Grace & JB!

Then had mook ji bar along with EiJane before she head to Bali.


Got a belated Easter chocolate :)


Rainy day;

Ugh. I really hate it when I have to make decisions.
Spoilt by choices. Can't I just have best of both worlds?
Guess everything is just too good to be true.

Not having to pick all of them sucks. Because well, life is a bitch :(


Was supposed to study for quiz!

When I got on the train with JB, found out that our test got postponed, so SCREW THAT SHIT ahahaha
Pretty badasses.

Went to Bentleigh East to check out Merchants Guild.
Stopped at Bentleigh station and walk for almost 1km and finally we are there!
Busy busy brunch place.
Guess this place is not famous for nothing.

Love that french toast of mine!

Anyhow, me and JB both agreed on going to Frankston beach since we need not to worry about studying for the test anymore, plus it's the very last day of our summer break and also, we're catching the same train line.

Hence, almost half an hour train ride from Bentleigh.
Was pretty amazed by the sea view when we were in the train.

Finally we had arrived!
Frankston was actually a pretty cool area apart from the dodgy stories that I've heard before.

Bla bla bla.
Checked out the sand sculpture!
Checked out the beach.

Thank god for the sun! Weather wasn't as shitty.

Next is Fast & Furious 7!
Fun to watch as usual but this time, the ending is really saddening.

As expected, I cried at the end.


Ordinary Thursday.

Food manufacture was the worst! UGHHHH


Had PD today.

Korean for lunch then straight to lab session!

PD outcome.

Had dinner with the cousins!
Finally used my gift voucher on valuable meal.

And the lame cousins got me singing Jalur Gemilang & Keranamu. Damn. Still couldn't believe I remember the lyrics!


Umm. On a side note, I wouldn't have pictured myself to be hanging out with my cousins elsewhere alone without the rest when I was younger.
Looking back and see how much we have grown, talking about all of us not getting married and we'll get a villa together far far away.

I know it'll just be a saying but when I thought of it, it sucks that things can never go your way or as you pictured at all. I would never thought the 6 of us (referring to my cousins, sister and myself) have our own different path (or more like I couldn't face the reality). 20 years of growing up together, all of them childhood, I swear we spent a decade seeing each other without failure every weekend, playing kiddy games, showering together (oops), celebrating birthdays and festive seasons together. Ah, those were the days!
And within that bittersweet decades, we definitely changed from playing kiddy games into watching cartoons together. Later on, got influenced by the elder cousins to watch anime together, and gotten us into taking Japanese lesson together for almost half a year (but forgot most of it now :/ ) . CRAZYY

Look how much we have grown! Now our topics mainly involved gossips/asking how our relatives doing so far rather than talking about cartoons and shit. Slowly turning into a woman (meh!) . The youngest among us girls is getting ready for uni in Taiwan. It's seriously crazy how time flies!

I'm still glad that we still keep in touch but I'm afraid after another decade, all of us will be separated in different parts of the world. I saw the possibilities of it somehow, that's why I'm afraid.
Not getting to see people that you treasure most for more than a year is already killing me softly, imagine myself seeing the rest only once or twice per decade, i think it'll be pretty shitty.

Girls, I know you won't be reading this (probably), but I really miss those times that we shared together. I'm sure if I were to flip my photo album filled with pictures of you guys, my tears will start running down my cheeks for sure!
Those were the carefree days that I've always wished to relive.
But I know, it's impossible.
It's also one of my biggest regrets for not spending enough time with you guys when all of us are around. SIGH
Guess it's too late now. But promise, we'll still stay the same always alright? :')

No idea why I felt melancholy about this, probably it's because I haven't hanged out with my cousins for too long to talk shit. Ah well.

:') 2 years ago.

Nothing much happened. Too broke to even go out to grab a coffee ughh

Skyped with le mum & sis.
Heard my sister teased my mum saying she'll always asked if I'm free to skype with them & she's willing to not do her routine housework just to see my face nawww
Felt super guilty :(


Till then xx.

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