Saturday, March 14, 2015

A tiny update;

My bloooog is so dead! I apologized (to myself) for not updating much because well, my new place has no internet and been busy dealing with uni and shit.

And finally which is today (20150312), I got connected to the internet world again! After 2 freaking weeks. Well, it doesn't count if I can only rely on my phone.
Felt like I've missed out way too much!
Haven't update my mum about two weeks which felt like a freaking looong time.

Oh well, still getting used to the new place.
Having to take the train to uni is not what I've done previously so yeah.
Now I've to get ready way earlier for work too which sucks really baaaaad.
And also, not forgetting to rant about how crazy this semester is gonna be!


Fucking heavy subjects and they all required massive teamwork, also, fucking thousand of pages (well, this part I'm not even kidding)
So not looking forward to any of the days like really.
Waking up to the next day feeling like shit almost all the time.
Attending lectures and actually felt really stressed out because the amount of work and tasks we need to complete this semester is just too much!

Fucking hell.
The work load.
Plus I still couldn't get over how amazing this summer break went.
Wish I could turn back time :(

Till then xx.

Promise myself to update what has happened so far!
This blog can not be dead.
It's too precious to jot down what has been going on with my life.

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