Friday, February 20, 2015

The year of wait-a-minute, goat?;


Headed to St Kilda Festival because I was told that it was the last day for it.
Being a busy body that's all.
Went to check out how's the crowd and woah. It's insanely packed!
Alooot of youngsters, hot chicks, hot hunks and hipsters!
Oh well. Went to grab a souvlaki and JB got a free lipton ice tea sample. hahaha

Anyway while we walked, there's this random dude just randomly hugged my waist and tapped my shoulders. Can't remember what he said though but wow dude, that's just too random yeah.
Picking up chicks on the streets hey?!

Headed to Richmond though.
Randomly picked a place so we headed to Shizuku ramen. Oh I am in love with the lychee cider!


Watched Foxcatcher in Cinema Nova and I have to say it's definitely not my kind of movie though.
It's slow and the ending though.
Didn't see that coming at all LOL

Headed to Melbourne Uni and had a good tour.
Didn't knew I haven't seen the other side of the uni compound. Oh it's seriously alot more charming as compared to RMIT.

Lied on the grass on south lawn; it was good fun.
Next stop to I Love Pho 264! Yum.
Then to ramen and craft beer again because I was addicted to the lychee cider!

Next stop to Carlton Gardens. Saw some possums for the first time in my life and it was not fun at all ahahah

I should just call it a night. Epic night.


It's fun showing people around in the CBD especially if the dude is white AHAHA
Never felt so proud tho.

& fuck, I got my shoulders burnt! FUCK

Abi is here Day 1! So this buddy came back to Melbourne again. We were trying to convince him to come back the last time when he was around and he did ahahah.
So I met him up @ Southern Cross.
Was supposed to go to Bowery to Williamsburg at first but damn, we were too late. So we headed to axil to grab a lattee.
Hipsters wanna-be but surrounded by all the good looking office hunks hehe.

Next stop to Magic Mountain Saloon! Was standing at the entrance for about 2 mins because I thought the wait staff will bring us in to grab us some seat. And nono, I am not saying their service is bad. Probably is I am used to people bringing us into the place because people usually does that haha.
So we just stood there and JB told me that the guy was actually talking to us but I didn't notice at all. Then we stood there for a bit again then the guy whose on the phone just laughed and asked if we were okay ahaha
OMG so embarrassing! Then I just told him that we were after a table and some food. Wanted to sit at one of the booth though but the guy insist us to check upstairs out because according to him, it's cooler. If we don't like it we can always head back downstairs ahaha
It is pretty cool!

Ordered the red duck curry and sour pork ribs to share.
Pretty yummy.

We were always the odd ones dont we? haha. People drinking at that hour but we were having our first meal of the day ahaha.

So recently I've been drinking alcohols at odd hours though.
We headed ourselves to little creatures dining hall.
Again, I thought there'll be people getting us in ahaha
Anyway, yeah, it's sort of like a bar so I got myself a pot of pipsqueak cider.
Talking like no tomorrow and munching on fries.
Oh life.
It's fun having people to talk crap with.

Went to Messina right after and I tried the baklava flavor. Fairly interesting.

Our next and last stop was Sambal Malaysia.
Oh comfort food.
But I couldn't finish it haha


Abi was here day 2!
So the first stop we went was fifty acres. Finally get to try their food yay!

Next stop is slowbeer again because wanted to show abi how hipster we are ahaha
It is pretty cool. Had the Batlow apple cider.

Next to phooooooo
Lastly to Hofbrauhaus.
Had the mango weizen and i swear the girl that I ordered my beer from is really cute!


Supposed to go on roadtrip but well, the cars are all booked out. So we headed to Williamstown beach instead.
Took the train but I was really hungry so I suggested to stop by Yarraville to grab some brunch before we proceed our beachy journey!

So we hanged around at The Cornershop @ Yarraville.

And I saw the prettiest girl ever at a corner. Oh nooo. I still remember how gorgeous she is though!
Kinda looked like Amy Adams but ten times prettier muahaha

So I had the mango smoothie which is hell a lot! And this sticky black rice with yogurt and mangoes yum.

Arrived! Williamstown is seriously my favorite and closest getaway and it's been like 4 months since I came. Oh mum I miss you >:(

It was actually pretty cold to take a nap on the beach and it's my first time doing that.
And I got my side body burnt wtf ahahaha
The boys went for a swim and I am just napping bahahha
Good times.

Had this amazing steak burger after our beach time though.
It was really really good!

And then we headed back to the city and out of the blue, I was actually craving for fish fillet noodle.
So we headed to KL Bunga Raya @ North Melbourne.
It was actually pretty good!

Then drinks @ The Last Jar. Probably my latest drinking spot ahahha
Not too busy and nice environment.


It's cycling time! YAY
So in the morning we gathered, had brunch @ Two Little Pigs.

Then ice mocha @ Code Black coffee.

Headed to Docklands right after.
Went to the library again and I got myself another cup of lattee @ Hortus while the boys played ping pong outside ahaha

The barista was really friendly though. Asked me where about are we going and stuff.
And while they were playing ping pong, I told the barista, *points at JB and Abi* "I swear they're not my friends." and we both laughed ahaha
Bad joke I know oops

Cycling journey starts now!
We hired the bike and we cycled from Docklands > South Melbourne > Port Melbourne > Middle Park > St Kilda.
It was good fun!

In between we did a few stops.
My first exercise in about a year. Crazyy. When we were in South Melbourne we actually wanted to return the bike there but it's all fulled so we decided to yolo instead! So I suggested to cycle to Port Melbourne so Abi get to see the Spirit of Tasmania cruise.

So while we cycled, we stopped by this thirsty camel drive thru bottle shop and yeah, the staffs are too nice! She offered us to try out the alcohol ice cream then treated us like friends instead.
I asked her what is she doing tomorrow (hinting valentine's day) and she said just work with a pout on her face naww

Pretty random though.

While cycling our way to the last stop, there's plenty of struggles actually. Like there's other cyclists that pass through me then I lost my balance kinda shit ahaha

Bits & Pieces of the journey:


Valentine's Day. Forgot to get a boyfriend kind of shit.
Oh well.
It's pretty gloomy for Melbourne though. Hmm

Met up with the boys in the morning then we headed to Chapel Street for brunch.
It's also Abi's last day hanging around in Melbie.
I swear he just arrived.
Oh wait, I mean I swear he just told me he'll be coming over again. And now he went back.
Seriously, fun times passed by insanely quick!

And it's really terrifying. I am sure I had repeated myself tons of times but I just wouldn't accept the fact that it disappeared just like that wtf

Anyway, we went to School of 7 Bells.

Not to mention that day was actually the first match of the cricket world cup. There's heaps of people wearing cricket team related shirts at Richmond. Not sure why is it held on Valentine's Day itself pfft.

Okay so, we sat on a bench, such a good spot to check out all the passerbys.
But the best part was, there's this kid sitting across my seat, and we had eyes on each other.
Then the kid just started hiding his face under his own cup then I gave him the shocking expression.
It's like playing ah bu chak with babies but this time it's with a 6 year old kid? Actually I am not sure how old is he though.
But haha. It was really random.
He's the boyfriend for like half an hour LOLOL

And before we left the shop, I waved goodbye to him.
Gonna miss you kid! Grow up being a cool kid yeah LOL


Have you ever had such an amazing and memorable time that it hurts so bad even though it's not even clear whether it's going to end or not?
It's like worse than how you feel when you know it's supposed to end.
Oh god.
It kills me.
I really don't know how I should feel at all.

It's just way too amazing how it all started and sigh.
It's just hard for me you know.
It's killing me really.
I need constant distractions.

I am always repeating the same situation all over again.
I thought I was over this phase but well, this time it's harder for me.
I thought I was ready not to fall too easily but I failed this time.
If only everything is just easily settled.
If only feelings can be just thrown away into a dumpster just like every other trash.
Oh god. This is insanely hurtful.

I have to stay strong and get over it.
But really, those moments are just too amazing that every time I closed my eyes, those flashbacks just came right at me.

What has gotten into me?!

Can someone just pulled out my heart because I seriously don't want it anymore.
It's unnecessary. I am good with just enjoying my life here without any of those bloody emotions. It's scary.
It always happen right after every good time that I had been involved.
It just wouldn't let me go. It'll always have to haunt me right after and reminds me of how sucky it is that I ain't gonna get those moments back.
I knew it will end up this way but I still want to get myself involved in it.
Well, it's really pathetic I know.
It's my own fault for getting myself into this self-create bullshit kinda stuff but I just can't help it.

But yeah, it's definitely one of the best moments ever. In my entire life.
I am grateful that it happened.
The only regret that I get is not being able to relive it again. ever.


Went to Crabapple Kitchen to settle my mood.
Caught up with JB and yeah, this soft shell crab salad is amazing.
The spiciness has live up to my expectations! FINALLY MAN. Some good somtum!



That marks exactly a year that I left Malaysia for Melbourne.
All those tears that I shed on this very day being homesick and shit, it has been a year.
It's crazy though.
Haven't seen all those familiar faces for about a year other than my mum or uncle or my twinnies.

I made it through still.


Seriously, it does suck not being able to celebrate chinese new year. Never have I ever thought I'll miss it this badly.
Yes, it's my decision not to go back, serves me right bla bla bla.
But there's not much vibe here though.
If there was no social media platforms, I wont be able to tell if it's chinese new year already.
Aww man.

But well, I had brunch in the morning @ Liar Liar. Talked crap too much till my head burns ahhahaa
Then caught up with a friend at Fonda. Had the Pash & Dash cocktail

Went to Moonlight Cinema to catch the Grand Budapest Hotel.
It was great.
It was really a good spot for couples too ahahhaa
In the middle of the movie, you get to see bats flying around.

Went to the hidden arcade called Galactic Circus right after.
That's how I spent my CNY eve ahahha wth.
Anyway, it's been ages since I stepped into arcade. and woah, the system is really different.
Back in Msia we used token but here, they used this card recharge thingy.
And you usually get tickets after you played a game so you get to redeem something in the end.
It was cool.
I got myself a cute blue bear ring ahahhaa WTF


I think I am mentally retarded recently.
Can't stop laughing or had been laughing for like 10mins. Making people all awkward oh nooo.
Anyway, so brought a friend to Brother Baba Budan > La Belle Miette > walk one circle out of nowhere complaining where should I go > Gelato Messina > Addict Food  & Coffee > Naked for Satan

Well, he's pretty impressed ahaha. Stepping out of the CBD and check out hispter area.
I felt honored somehow!

I really enjoy bringing people around and felt so good when they go wow right after you know?
It's just amazing that feeling.

So I was pretty much in a dilemma but I think I had my answer for now and I am glad.
At least I got to know that it won't disappear when it's all over.

And fuck yeah, I was so surprised when I opened my mailbox and I saw a chinese new year card.
I wouldn't have see this coming at all.
I was wondering whose writing it was. And when I flipped to the middle of the card, it's flooded with all the greetings by my dear cousins, uncles and aunties T________T . My mum and sis' handwriting too. Aww man.
I am missed after all.
Naww you guys.

But works sucks yesterday. No kidding.
It fucking sucks.
I think it's because i was assigned with a new colleague that hasn't worked on that section before and it was fucking busy!
So frustrating. I even rant to my other colleagues to stab me or let me die instantly or something.
It's that bad!

Fuck it.

TGIF for me.

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