Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Top 10 things that I have in mind now.

  1. A very productive food and suburb hunting today! I am really grateful to have a friend that was kind enough to accompany me to do all this shit randomly because i normally go around places based on my gut feeling. At first, it was just a usual brunch thingy but after that, we went to Melbourne Museum because we can and then, Port Melbourne, just because I feel like it. But today's weather was pretty bad, raining non-stop. It was no big deal because Aussie's rain are not as strong. You can call it a pussy rain if you were to compare to Malaysia's. I am serious. Anyway, it's not the rain that's scary, is the crazy-ass wind here. IT'S COLD. We walked all the way from Port Melbourne to South Melbourne, just because I feel like it LOL. I am a terrible friend I know. Bla bla bla. Explored 4 different makan place today and was pretty satisfied. 
  2. Melbourne Museum is amazing! The best museum that I've visited so far? And yessss, it's FREE for me ngehehe. Because I haz the concession card muahahah. It's a really huge museum compared to other states' museum that I had been to. 
  3. Wtff. I didn't noticed my pants were unzipped until some random strangers told me about it >:( . Oh well. Couldn't find a hole to dig hmmmm. On the bright side, at least the person was kind enough to let me know :/ Fucking embarrassing. 
  4. Finished watching Chef by Jon Favreau. Well, I can say it's a whole lot better than Hundred Foot Journey. Not to say that hundred foot journey was not good, just that it's not as nice as Chef. The food shots are more detailed in Chef, more humorous (maybe to me) and more related to our lives. They got that Twitter thingy HAHA. I love how they emphasize on how social media is able to make everything goes viral. More importantly, it is touching! Especially when the kid emailed Carl (Jon Favreau) about the one-second-everyday video thingy. I love that scene particularly. Meaningful and damn, made me homesick again. 
  5. Quote that I love from Carl Casper to his son: I may not do everything great in my life, but I'm good at this. I manage to touch people's lives with what I do and I want to share this with you.
  6. Tomorrow is the day! The very last confectionery making practical session. Oh damn. Please let everything be good and steady. No screw ups and shit. Couldn't afford to risk anything. 
  7. Looking back at my old albums about Australia. Not a single moment that I regret. I had fun every minute, everyday and look at me now, wandering around too much, totally forgot how long have I been away from home. It's been almost half a year and a month without my parents and my sister living under the same roof, been trying to keep all the shit altogether when I'm alone. I guess all the places that I went, the money that I spent on eating (and darn it, it costs money ooooops) kinda distracts me from being lonely. All the movies that I've been watching, it helped me not to overthink stuff. I guess it's a pretty good ritual?
  8. Also, looking at the pictures made me feel extremely sad because I find that there's really just a few pictures with my family. It's pathetic. So if I were to be back again, I'll cherish those moments more and grab more pictures as a memory for myself to keep. 
  9. Okay, I'm officially a swearer. Fuck. Pretty nice to say ain't it? :3 Excuse for my impoliteness oops. 
  10. Spamming Backstreet Boys' songs right now. Incomplete especially.

And oh, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MALAYSIA. Glad that I came from where all the best food are belong to!  

Till then xx.

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