Sunday, September 14, 2014


I'm dying. constantly thinking about exploring food but not focusing on my studies. This is baaaaaaaad.

Random ramblings again.

1. Dimples. YES. Imma sucker for dimples. Especially Miranda Kerr's.
She's got dimples on the perfect position and both of her cheeks! how can someone be so perfect omgggg.
I got a dimple too! But i bet no one even noticed about it because it's on the right side of my cheek and I hate the right side of my face. Oh life.

So gorgeous right right right?

2. Loving the spring's vibe. Got so excited when I saw any cherry blossoms along the street. It's so pretty! If only imma guy I could just pluck it and use some pickup lines to pick up some chicks by the road side. Sounds like a plan ei?
3. A little ang moh boy (okay maybe not so little, i think it's around 7 years old?) said "xie xie!" to me after I served him his banana fritter with ice cream. His parents were laughing so proud and caressed his head after hearing what he said. Ngawwww. I bet his parents were surprised how did he find out how to thank people in chinese haha.
4. Time flies too fast man. SLOW DOWN. This coming week will be the final week to finalize and create the actual nougat that was told from the beginning of the semester. It was a struggle. I felt pretty useless compared to the rest of my group mates. They're so organized and dedicated. And this very last practical will be the last day to work as a team. Pray real hard that the outcome will be great! *crossing fingers*
5. So glad that this year there's quite alot of people that I knew flew to Melbourne to travel and I get to hang around with them and exchange with what's new with them lately.  Can't wait to meet another 2 visitors for this September! I love bringing people around especially those that appreciate food places! OMG. Get ready to burn my wallet and gaining fats again. And can't for October as well! Wonder if I'll burst into tears when I saw my mum or not. 
6. For the first time ever, not being able to celebrate mooncake festival, and looking at the full moon the other day was pretty depressing. Not being able to celebrate festive seasons with your family SUCKS. Got me homesick all over again.Seeing all the customers having good food with all the family members surrounding each other at my workplace just made me extremely jealous GAHH. Imma bitter person. But just that day itself.
7. Watched Seven Psychopaths 2 days ago and I love it! Collin Farrell's Irish accent plus all the jokes regarding about Irish's drinking problem made this movie even more hilarious. Sam Rockwell as Billy making himself a character that you ain't gonna forget. It's pretty gory in a way. And what made it more suspenseful is when the psychopaths stories that Marty (Colin Farrell) knew are all linked. If you love dogs, comedy and thriller, this movie is seriously recommended! If you can handle goriness, there's no excuse for you not to check it out!

Some quotes that I love:

(a) Myra: God loves us. I know He does. He's just got a funny way of showing it sometimes. Sometimes I think God's gone crazy sometimes. Stuff He does, stuff He don't do.
Hans: Well, He's had a lot to contend with in his time, too, you know. Bastards killed His kid, too.

(b) Billy: You're fucked from birth. The Spanish got bullfighting. The French got cheese. And the Irish have alcoholism.
Marty: And what do the Americans have?
Billy: Tolerance.

HAHAHA Can't stop laughing at (b) . Credits to IMDB.

8. Watched Hundred Foot Journey on Monday too! Well, maybe I had too much hope on it, so I find that it doesn't really meet my expectations. Overall it was ok! Don't watch when you're hungry. Seriously, I have been craving for Sea Urchin ever since (and nope, i've not tried sea urshin before :/ ) or even roti chanai. UGHH. 

Madame Mallory: If your food is anything like your music, then I suggest you tone it down.

And beware girls!
Manish Dayal is soooo freaking good looking.

ps: all the images above are not mine. 

Till then xx. 

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