Thursday, July 31, 2014

Day 1 // Adelaide Bound | 20140716

A fun fact that I saw here before I go on :D

Adelaide is the '20 minutes city'
The city is renowned for its accessibility. It claims to be the ‘20 minutes city’, meaning that anywhere within the city can be reached in 20 minutes.
This ‘20 minutes city’ claim suggests that the city centre, beaches, airport, Adelaide Hills and other main destinations can be easily accessed within 20 minutes, by car.
For people on foot, the attractions in the city are claimed to be within 20 minutes walk from most hotels.

Yours truly had the chance to experience her very third flight (all my life LOL) all by herself to Adelaide :DDD
Something worth bragging muahahaha.
Flying solo for the very first time. Excuse my jakunness.
It was a really last minute plan and I had no regrets spending almost a week over there.
Sadly, 6 days wasn't really enough for me to cover the attractions or itinerary that I initially planned to go. But it was good enough though.

I'll definitely visit Adelaide again if I have the chance.

No more nonsense.
Took the SkyBus from Southern Cross straight to the Tullamarine airport.
Was sort of lost at first. Almost got myself into the wrong terminal but YAY I made it!

Sat in between an old lady and a teenage guy.
The air stewards are hot hot & HOT.
Unfortunately it's just an hour and a few minutes of flight.

Look how pretty the sky is.
And damn I didn't get a window seat >:(

Welcome to Adelaide *says to myself*

and thanks to Siew Ern whom is waiting right downstairs wooo.
My very personal tour guide for this trip.


Well, took the bus from the airport straight to city of Adelaide.
She bought the bus ticket for me and omg, it's been awhile since I get to own a bus ticket since Melbourne uses the Myki card system for all of the public transports.
Couldn't help looking out the window even though it's raining heavily while we were in the bus.
It feels totally different tsk.
The suburbs, the bus and everything else, even people are just DIFFERENT you know?
I had been told or warned that Adelaide's high rise buildings are not as many compared to Melbourne and I finally get to witness on my own HAHAHA
It's true but it was not that bad!
They had their own city style yo.

It was a rainy day for that very day.
So she brought me to Adelaide's very own Chinatown and we had our dinner @ Dumpling king.
While we were waiting to cross the road, there's this random uncle standing between us while I'm carrying my bag pack & Siew Ern was holding the umbrella.
Didn't realize he was standing in between us until I heard someone breathing. SPOOKY
But he was just randomly talking to everyone else.
Oh well.

Our pork steam dumplings!
It's 9 dollars for 12 pieces yo. And I ordered a fishball soup because I feel like having soup on such rainy day which is around 5 AUD.
Big portion with such price compared to Melbourne CBD.

Pretty satisfying dinner.
Not forgetting how good the homemade chili was.


Next stop : DESSERT.

St Louis House of Fine Ice Cream & Dessert.

They're famous for their gelatos and while waiting for our crepe, I remember there's alot of customers lining up to get a scoop of ice cream; given the wide range of choices they had.
The interior of this place is really memorable. VERY LOVELY.
It's very cozy and pretty too!
I love how they place all the pastries in front of the counter and every customer's table there'll be pinkish flowers. This would be a nice place to date.

Our Strawberry Nutella Crepe.

Oh I love how well the they wrapped the strawberries in the crepe and the amount of Nutella they wrapped in it as well that made the overall taste not too sickening.
You know if you put too much chocolate in it, it'll cover the taste of the other ingredients as well but they manage to avoid that! I can still be able to taste the strawberries and oh lord, not forgetting the Vanilla ice cream which made this dessert dish portrayed both hot & cold.


St. Louis House of Fine Ice Cream & Dessert on Urbanspoon


And nope, we didn't stop just right there,

We head ourselves to ....

The very third meal just right after I landed lolllll

Freaking glutton I am. Tsk.

How I miss you so!
My very first sushi belt experience ever since I am in Australia.

Ordered a flying fish roe.
Love how crunchy the roes are!

And this jellyfish thingy.

And i love the refillable green tea for 2 dollars with a freaking big cup!


Decided to go for a quick walk after the meal.

First tourist attraction : Victoria Square :D

Love how the color changes.

Lemme present you ....

Did this on purpose. Not because I have lousy camera skills but I have lousy phone.

I am actually holding my own jacket but no idea why it looks like I am squeezing something invincible ._.

And yeap, that marks the end of my day 1 in Adelaide.
More to come!

To be continue and stay tune for more :D

Till then xx.

Meanwhile, on the very 2nd week of classes we'll need to hand in a 10% assignment what the hell. No mercy huh RMIT.
And I'll be making my very own nougat for this semester woo.
Not sure to cry or to laugh LOL.
All the best to me.
I. am. so. doomed.

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