Sunday, April 30, 2017


Marching into May of 2017.

I gotta say I achieved nothing in general.
Still on the same old steps.

I have lots to update this abandoned blog. I am pretty ashamed of myself for not updating it even monthly now OMG
I will regret for sure for not jotting all the little things down >:(

I'm trying to rethink what have I done for the past 4 months.



end of February,
Jane was around so we went cafe hopping and exploring, that was pretty fun and also, I did manage to check out Porter Robinson live with him, that's a first and great experience!

Other than that trying to juggle both social life and money, it just makes me wanna drown LOL
It's a fucking struggle guys.

Other than that, most of the time I was feeling bitter over people travelling to Japan like during March and April, that is not great.

Did went to Portarlington during April?
It was fun but again, the weather sucks.

How is it possible that it's almost a year since I went to Gold Coast with him omgggg


Alright guys, enough ranting and bitching.

I promise I'll update if my life is back on track again. Crossing fingers.

Till then xx

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