Sunday, May 29, 2016

Gold Coast Bound, Again;

22nd May - 28th May 2016

Day 1:
First flight together <3
Got ourselves ready, had our one last coffee take out before we got our way to the airport!
Coffee wasn't as great tho tsk

Checked in, chill out at the airport.

Got our rental car sorted then off we go to our own accommodation!
wasn't as awesome as it turned out to be but the location is good i guess?
Close to the beach and the central of Surfer's Paradise.
Can't complain much.

Found out that sushi train is just 5 mins walk away muahaha
Decided today is just getting used to the area so went to do some grocery shopping!

Day 2:
That awesome ocean view all day OMG
A sucker for blue sky.

Seaworld off I go!
Having our first theme park adventures together.

Had the water ride it was fun and having his gopro around is pretty handy i gotta say!
watched the dolphin show they're amazing like always!

Didn't do much of the roller coaster rides this trip!


went to harbour fish market because i was craving for mussels!
Asian grocery shopping @ harbour town too.
It was massiveeee
Bought some veges from this discount fruit store.
OMG it's ridiculous.
Had like a fucking big bag of chili for just 2 dollars. well i couldn't use as many but wtf, when i compared the price to the other chili for just just like 10 of them (still fuckloads for what i needed) and much pricey, he of course, encouraged me to get the big bag.
I reckon my mum or my relatives will love this place LOLOL

Made my very own mussel pot.


Off to skypoint observation deck!
That view tho omg

Day 3:

Movie world!!!

First stop to the stuntshow!


And whyyyy isn't my favorite lattice fries place not open >:(
That's like one of the reason i wanna go movieworld LOL

anyhow went to scooby doo ride because it's only like a 15min wait. holyshit it's seriously like the offpeak season because there's hardly any queue at all.
it was awesome like usual but omg i think this time my guts shrink.
I've had enough rides already.

checked out the wild west falls at the end.
It drained me omgggg

Day 4:

Grocer n Grind for brekkie.
tho, the waffles wasn't my taste at all tsk

wet n' wild!
there's no queue at all omg
love water rides with himmmmm

there's this like 7 year old kid behind us running with his mat trying to cut across us and screaming, " i'm gonna race myself!" i was just laughing because he was cute ahahah
he's friendly enough, he looked back and try to talk to us cuz i asked him why so.
he was also telling us that he got stuck in aqua loop because he was too light and he got freaked out LOLOL
anyway i beat him in aqua racer because well, he was the lightest MUAHAHA


mammoth falls was funnnn!!
though the stairs is killing meee

convinced him to go on aqua loop because that's like the most crazy ride ever (in my opinion)
aaaaaand he freaked out after he got on it ahahah
because apparently the water went into his nose and he thought he almost drown himself

it was funnnn
got coffee @ ESPL coffee.


check out the sunset @ surfers paradise beach


Love it when almost every night is movie night (more like me just flippin channels constantly)
how can it not be enjoyable when it's all about chillin out.

Day 5:

Dreamworld + whitewaterworld

Decided to do both theme parks at once so we can get our friday just chilling
there's hardly any queue and had my animal pats then some of the rides like moto coaster, hot wheeeeels (batshit crazy), some water ride.
we are both cowards! didn't went on any crazy rides tsk

whitewater world next and triple vortex was our first ride ahaha
just spin here and there.
another tube ride as our first queue ever but only for like 10mins.
Off we goooo
went under the plunge too.


Harbour town shopping after.
but i only got like a pair of shorts lolol
gotta resist! too broke to shop

Day 6:

Brunchin' at Elk Espresso
Apparently the best cafe in gold coast.
And I agreeeeed

Pacific Fair shopping center after.
OMG it's huge toooooo
Pretty awesome but i only got myself a choker.


Then went to the spit, main beach to chill out.

Day 7:

Last day >:(
But also, beach hoppin!
went to surfers paradise for the last time.
walked around had my MOS burger.


skull & espresso cafe to get my latte fixed.
it does have some melbourne cafe feeeeeeeeels


burleigh head beach next!
AND YESSSS, finally discovered another place which i have had in mind from the previous gold coast trip.
It's way too gorgeous but it was too late because we have got not much time sighhh
Definitely will come back for that viewwww

words can't describe!


It was amazing, relaxing and my travel companion is definitely awesome in many ways.
He's patient enough and there's never a dull moment around him.
Spent so much time together yet left wanting more.
Cheesy hey?
But that's what we all need in a partner's criteria.

Best friend, best partner.
Being comfortable in so many ways and no pretending needed.
Do what i want and no awkward moments at all.

I am blessed!

Till then xx

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