Tuesday, November 25, 2014

What have I been up to?

Feels like forever since my exams are over. OH LIFE.
The irony.

> Let's see. After Color Run, which is Monday; I woke up with my whole body aching like mad.
What else did i do?
Now I remember. Had brunch with friends at Hawthorn. Kinda like the neighborhood. Brunch then ice cream! Yums.

OMG. Lifeless until cannot. My brain is not even functioning. Took me so long to figure out what happened few days ago. Terrible.

> Huiying was here and catching up with her along with the others. Talking about the good old days and oh well, it really seems like time has gone by too quickly. Look how grown up all of us are! & funny how we know each other for almost 3 years already.

> Really hate my positions nowadays. I miss those days when I get to interact with customers but now I only get to face the cutlery and it bores me. SIGHHHH. If this goes on, I can really go mad. I am really torn between boredom and busy-ness. Sigh. If only i can have the best of both, i can be able to enjoy work and earn some pocket money in the mean time. IF ONLY. But sigh. It's not that easy.

>  Checked out the library @ the dock the other day, saw this article from the magazine. Cracked me up so bad HAHA. Look at the caption! (if you can spot on)

> & sigh, my cousins went back to msia and there goes another companion here in melbourne. That was the last time seeing them for the year of 2014, and we spent the time exchanging opinions on guys HAHA. Interesting.

That's all i wanna rant xx. 
Let me rot to death. 

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