Monday, October 27, 2014

Don't go, October;

So far, October has been really good to me :)
Now that the number of days of 2014 are decreasing, this shows that my time in Melbourne are the same too. Seriously don't want to leave this lovely place at all. It's too wonderful. Too many amazing memories. Even though I walked the same path everday, it still manage to surprise me in every ways.



It's been a number of days since my mum wasn't around by my side. I have to stay strong!
Went to the library to pick up my book from Flinder's library. Finally I got Miranda Kerr's Treasure Myself in my hands!
Well, it kinda saddens me to see the prologue when she mentioned about her husband (ex husband) Orlando Bloom. They were so perfect together sigh. I seriously thought they could last. Well, gotta start flipping a few pages! & I was too excited checking out books but meh, every single time after I borrowed it, I wouldn't even bother to read. DAMN. Must change this freaking habit!
When I was at the DVD section, I found out that they have this mini section with all the anime DVDs so I quickly went over to check out if there's Yu Yu Hakusho but neh. So I borrowed Ouran High School Host Club instead lolol. But there are a few dudes just couldn't quit staring at me like I'm some sort of freak grrrr. Girls can't watch anime huh?!

Take note of what she wrote to her now ex-husband :'(
So loving!


Was so determined to start reading Meg Cabot's Size 12 is not Fat.
I decided to isolate myself at some cafe so that I can start flipping a few pages & I was right, I managed to go through a chapter. Because I knew I just couldn't focus at home ._. Typical.

And yeap, it's been a week since I laze around. Time to get back to work and wow, I was pretty surprised to see I got the "assistant" shift lolol. Totally forgot how that worked LOL


Typical. Marathon-ed Yu Yu Hakusho and the Dark Tournament episodes are the best! Seriously.
Cried like hell when Genkai died :'( & Yusuke promised not to waste time mourning anymore sobs. That's just too touching yeah.

Cafe spotting with JB during noon time. Managed to hunt down Switchboard cafe and oh my lord. Who would've known that they are hidden in such place. Feel so achieved though when I spotted a few more. Hopefully I get to taste them all soon enough :D
Had our late lunch @ Ratee Thai. Another hidden place. JB had his rice and I had my spicy crackers with thai milk tea. Yum. The Thai lady was super friendly. Guessed she really liked JB ahahhaa. Keep asking him how's the food; why didn't he finished the vege; is it spicy; want more rice?; etc etc hahaha

After that we saw fed square, there's this McDonald's booth giving out free rump steak wrap! Yum! Pretty small but hey, it's FREEEE.

Bumped into Jihun after that lolol. And we got our gelato @ Gelateria Primevera!
Went down to the cheese cellar and ughh, tried goat cheese. Not. My. Type LOL

Back to work again today! Woo. Loved my shift today! & the people today are not as bad too. There's a particular customers that I enjoyed serving today huhu.
There's this girl with a ponytail with just the upper part, but she has a bob cut hair; pretty hippy with a nose ring and tattoos. Kinda pretty and sweet looking; & fucking hell, she has really cute dimples just like Miranda Kerr's!! DAYUMM. No wonder I can't quit staring. And shit, I was super regret that KI didn't compliment her before she left. IDIOTTTT
Anyway the point is, after taking orders from her, passed the plates to her table and I was surprised when she asked:
Her : "Hey, are you Malay?"
Me : "Err, nope but.."
Her: "Oh wait, I mean Malaysian, sorry!!"
Me: "Oh, that's alright. And yes, I am from Malaysia!"
Her: *starting to get real hyped out* "awesome! I love Malaysia! I'll go there every year!"
Me: *got excited too* "Oh really?! When did you go"
Her: "I went earlier this year around April. I love the shopping there and omg, the food as well!"
Me: "Yeah, shopping is cheap! & YES THE FOOD IS AMAZING!"
Her: "Yeah!! I had nasi lemak like every single day!"
Me: "Omg you do?! Where did you had?"
Her: "Every where that I can find. Especially the one that is packed in triangular shape!"
Me: "OH!" *laughs*
HAHA. She's really cute! She got so excited while talking to me and made me excited too! I have no idea how did she know but I am so glad that we talked. And after she finished her food with her friend I was luring her to get the ice kacang, she was so tempted and she got excited again while explaining what's ice kacang to her friend HAHA
But she feel kinda guilty that she didn't get to order because she's too bloated to eat LOL

And before she left, she searched for me and thanked me for my service while patting my upper arm. I asked her to come back and try it! She said she will for sure :') Awwww
Really hope to see her again soon.


Had some alone time @ my favorite cafe. Managed to flip a few pages at the cafe. Surrounded by people discussing about their business matters with a good cup of coffee.
While I indulged myself imagining myself in the same scenario. That would be great isn't it? Lucky Melbourne-ians!

Enjoyed my time working on this very day too.
There's this cute little toddler, I was surprised when she actually managed to "use" the chopsticks to pick up her food heh.
But then when I walked past her, she looked up and smiled at me. AREN'T YOU THE CUTEST?!
Ngawww. So I patted her head and complimented "you so clever yeah!" , then she just smile :')
I can see how her parents are quite amused by her actions haha.


Wandering around in the CBD.
From The Old Chamber > Purple Peanuts Japanese Cafe > Sushi Hotaru > MissChu Tuck Shop.
A pretty well spent Friday! But not academic wise hahaha wtf.

Met up with a mysterious friend who always travel around without a sound and also, appear without a sound. & I realized now TGIF for me is actually being able to stay at home doing nothing.
While I was waiting for my friend in front of state library, I realized how scary the crowd was. I kinda wish I was back at home sitting in front of my laptop watching my anime series instead lolol. OMG what have I gotten myself into again? Guess I am changing in a way.
More introvert maybe?
I enjoy being alone but not for too long of course.


Spent my Saturday morning at Stovetop. Got pretty lost because I totally forgot where was it.
Finally settled down with Ellen Degeneres' My Point & I Do Have One.
Was trying too hard to suppress my laughter because Ellen can be really hilarious even in words omggggg.
People must have think I had gone full retarded. Biting on macaroons while smirking. Tsk.

& I went grocery shopping @ Vic Market! That's about it. 
Saturday life as an aunty.

And oh, had awesome dinner treat by my lovely course mates back in Taylor's :') 
Shall talk about it on another post. 


A great Sunday morning.
I was so indecisive whether I should just stay in because it's freaking early in the morning.
I was told to check in as the staff around 6.45am .___. . It's been awhile that I have to wake this early.
Well, it was sort of a training for me too in conjunction with final exams sobs.

I was super anxious when I saw the booth (finally!) from far.
Got my t-shirt on, vest on, the course marshall manual and a banner! And off I go.
And oh, I didn't know what's a course marshall at first. Quite a cool name huh?
It's sort of like a cheerleader at a certain spot hahaha. How can they manage to give such role such a cool name?!

My banner was "The finish line is near!" :D

Anyhow, a lot of people were staring because they were super curious of what's going on.
Met alot of weirdos.
bla bla bla. There's this really cute guy who wasn't the participant, we gazed upon each other, I am sure he did looked back a few times. And about half an hour later, I saw him again, but I was busy cheering. Hmm. If only he would turn back again sigh. 
So, the cheering starts when I saw one of the staff riding his bicycle then there's a whole lot of participants behind HAHA.
Then I went like "Good Job, guys!" "Good Job!" "Well Done!" while swinging my banner up and down heh.
I was surprised to see there's people joining this marathon with the baby inside the pram as well.
Hero daddy indeed!
There's alot of smiles in return as well; some of them said thank you; some of them said I did a good job too ngawww :') ; and some of them gave me a hi5! I remember this particular family HAHA
It feels so good knowing that they actually appreciate something like this. Little cheer and motivation that keeps them going on the race! & one of the participant took a picture of me with the banner huhu. So honored!
And also, I've been told as a liar because for those who run for 10km had only past my point which is 4km, then I went like "NOOOO!"

I knew I felt the same way because when the more participants showed positive reactions, I just couldn't stop smiling at them and wave the banner even more energetically! More over, I shouted out "YAYYY!" to some of them heh.

There's a looot of charming dudes working as the event staff too heh. Unfortunately I didn't really get to interact with them :(

That was a great Sunday morning of mine :')

Work at night was exhausting. Replaced colleague's shift and I got the stupid host job. I better off taking orders from people okayyyyyyy.

& oh, I was woken up by the sound of thunder & rain. Feels like I'm back in Malaysia HAHA

Till then xx.

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