Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ramblings #4

Couldn't think of a suitable title for this blog post. Screw that. Just wanna summarize what had happened during today's road trip.

  1. Oh finally. A visit to Philip Island where the Hemsworth brothers are belong.
  2. Skipped class for this road trip and it was worth it!
  3. First time sitting in a Holden. But damn it, I didn't have my license with me if not I'll get my chance to break the I-have-not-drive-for-half-a-year chain! Brrrr.
  4. It was a real sunny day today. I am thankful. Clear skies and the wind was not that crazy.
  5. Drop by a farm on the way to Philip Island. Selfie-ed with a Lamar! Had a mango tango smoothie with real milky taste. Damnnn. The smell of the farm. Cow smell LOL.
  6. Met Panny (from a distance/next to our table) at Panny's Chocolate Factory. And Panny is an Malaysian born Indian. Malaysia boleh!
  7. Had King Prawn curry in a chocolate factory LOL. Irony. But they serve pretty good curry rice.
  8. Lost my student ID and oh well, I seriously have no idea where did I dropped it sigh.
  9. Went to a place call A-Maze-N-Things. Really like the concept of this park. There's a section that was a total mindblown call the anti-gravity room. I was really impressed by it.
  10. Took the 90 degree slide thingy. Didn't expect it to be so fucking creepy. I got too excited when the staff mentioned about the slides and I quickly dress what I was told to. It was too late when I realize how this slide works. At first, practically we have to hang ourselves on a bar and when the person mentioned "GO!" I've to drop as told. I can feel my fingers trembling recalling that part of my memory. I feel so insecure but I have no choice but to let goooo. I still remember my heart dropped or it fell out of my chest holy shiiiit. It's pretty scary. No joke. I couldn't feel my legs when it ended fuckkkk
  11. Challenged ourselves with the 3D Timber maze. It was mindfucking too. Manage to spot on three flags but couldn't spot the yellow one omggg. I'll come back for you! If I were to be back hmm.
  12. Stopped by at a pier full of yachts. Saw a huge Pelican. It is HUGE. I am so freaking jakun yes i know but I swear I never expect it to be THAT CRAZY HUGE. Especially when it was trying to stuck out it's tongue or what but euuuuuu. I still remember how disgusting it is because I've never seen suck huge beak with a looooong tongue. 
  13. The very last stop is the penguin parade! Waited for an hour just to witness how the Little Penguins walked from the beach side towards their nest. I really like the size of the species of these penguins. 33cm tall only heh. Can I keep one?
  14. And holy crap, I still remember at the very last few minutes, when I were about to exit, I heard some noise so I ran over to the fence to see what's going on. Then I saw one of the penguin hopping on to another penguin's back. Lying flat on top on the other penguin's back. And BAM, they're mating wtfffff. So i quickly asked my friends to witness with me wtfff hahaha. The wtffff moment doesn't end right away, after it's done, they just stand and freeze for awhile, parted ways right after wtfffff. I can never look at them the same anymore?! But they were too cute to handle! Heh.
  15. A sky full of stars tonight. No joke. It's too breathtaking. Can't help but to look at the skies for a multiple times while searching for penguins. Multitasking hehe
  16. While walking our way back to the car park, manage to spot two penguins at the car park courtesy of one of my friend for being too excited when she saw it hahaha. Then the penguin ranger was like, " STOP! STOP!" So we gave way to the two little penguins. Apparently they were lost and trying to find their own nest heh.
  17. Ended our trip with pho! 
  18. It was a really exhausting yet freaking worth it trip! It's amazing how the people here manage to conserve the animals and their lands well enough. I noticed a few things, like the roads towards Philip Island there'll be no street lights at all and stuff. Just so the animals can live in their own world without major disturbance. It's really thoughtful of them and heartwarming to know. Human faith restored!
  19. And oh, it's Friend's 20th anniversary. I ain't gonna lie, I am still watching all the clips on Youtube even though I had all the episodes rerun for like 3 times. I am still not sick of it! Oh I love how blur and happy-go-lucky Joey Tribbiani is. Still my favorite character of all.
  20. Found out that my final falls on 6th, 7th and 12th November. I guess that wasn't so bad after all. 
Till then xx.

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