Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Waiting for something that is Impossible.

I know it's only been like two weeks or so.
It's driving me insane.
It is eating my soul away.
Couldn't sleep well, hoping it will go away.
Been so attached to those moments.
Became so obsessed with those moments.
Wish I could relive it even though I knew I can't.
Wishing it will all go away but it can't.
I really miss those moments, I do.
Been so attached to my phone; hoping it's your name I see on my phone screen.
I am really tired.
You made it feel like it was just a sweet dream or so.
Not sure if it's good for me because the way it started wasn't the way I expected and it's definitely memorable.
And the way it ended.
Not sure if this means the end but it feels like it was half hanging.
It's like a knot that has been tied half way without any completion.
Not sure if you're still be there trying to help me finish the knot or should I just re-tie it myself.
This is really killing me.
I wish I can just leave myself alone this instance.
I don't wanna drain myself with emotions anymore but I can't help it.
Really not good at this.
I am feeling so numb right now.
There's not even a room for me to be sad because I'm not even sure if it had even begun when it ended.

Seriously reminded me of one of the HIMYM episode :/ 
When Ted first meet Victoria.
And how they wanted it to be just a moment they'll remember forever.

Till then xx.

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