Friday, August 22, 2014

St. Ali | 20140730

The awesome-newspaper-menu of St. Ali's.

The interior:

Pretty pastries.

Really like the water mug. 
Certainly is one of a kind.


Mine: Smoke & Spud.

Friend's special. I remember is pan fried Barramundi but not sure about the sides.


Located at the Yarra plane which is close to South Melbourne Market and another popular cafe spotted which is St Ali.
Heard of this cafe but never got the chance to visit until one of my friend suggested before she left for good ( TT everyone is leaving sobs) .
The interior of this cafe is surprisingly spacious and the amount of people having their meals and coffee need no bragging.
The waitresses/waiters/chefs and baristas are really hippy looking.
That's not the point HAHA

The mocha art was pretty different from the usual mocha I had before.
It has this really light brown color as you can spot from the picture above, and yes, it's the type of mocha that I like because it's not too bitter for me.

Ordered the Smoke & Spud which consists of smoked salmons, poached eggs, potatoes and there's the edible black peppers that amazed me! Normally big round black pepper (unless it's grind) is usually not nice to be eaten but this is really good!
Unfortunately, the portion is not filling enough for the price that I paid :/ .

But overall, it was a decent.

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 Till then xx.

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