Saturday, August 23, 2014


“Subconscious is motivated by emotion, right? Not reason.”

One thing you need to know about me is that I can easily suffer from post movie depression syndrome.
Something that I ain't proud of but thank goodness it wouldn't last for too long if not I'll be in trouble. mentally.
Can't blame me alright because I have been locking myself indoor for the whole day plus it's a FRIDAY NIGHT.

So I decided to treat myself with a bowl of Maggi Mee along with a movie that was really popular 4 years ago and all I can say is I'm all grown up! LOL

It's amazing how different were the perspectives after watching a movie that you had watched it before years ago and it felt so different.
I had no idea how can I fall asleep in the cinema while watching Inception.
Now I feel like such an idiot. It was too good that I have to make sure I didn't blink my eyes too often.
That is how GOOD and EPIC Inception is!

Almost 2 and a half hours long and the beginning of the movie made me sort of confused at first but after awhile it got resolved as the plot goes. Really like how Leonardo Dicaprio as Dom Cobb, deliver the emotions real well whenever there's scenes involving his wife and children. Heartbreaking you see.

Not forgetting the whole concept of this movie!
Reminded me of my psychology subject during my college days, we studied about dreams and consciousness. This movie really did ignite some flashbacks and afterthoughts about our subconsciousness and reality. In this movie, they talked about Limbo, which is the very last stage of the subconsciousness, and damn, now I can never look at my dream the same again. Shit. Now I have alot more thoughts going on before I go to sleep.
Movies that make you think about your life. Tsk.
All I can say Christopher Nolan is one hell of a genius! For being able to write and direct this amazing movie.
And Hans Zimmer's awesome soundtrack that really bring out all the feels.

That ending too. Oh gosh. That can make you go nuts thinking whether which one you should believe in and pretty much what this movie emphasize on - FAITH.

And I choose to believe that he's back to reality :/ (self-comforting)

Oh god I should stop talking about it before my brains explode.

"Your subconscious is more powerful than your conscious mind."

Till then xx.

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