Sunday, August 17, 2014

Day 3 : Hahndorf & Cleland Wildlife Park // Adelaide Bound | 20140718

Been so lazy these days and today is the day that I decided to continue bragging on my third day in Adelaide.
Sorry for taking such long time to update.
Still got another 3 more days to blog about LOL

So the very third day in Adelaide, we went to the famous German Village, Hahndorf and Cleland Wildlife Park.

Took us around 1 hour travelling by bus to get to this German Village.
Here we are!

Just some pictures when we are on the way to grab lunch.

Lunch @ Hahndorf Inn.
Heard really gooood stuff about it so I was really looking forward to dine in here.

Le foooood!
The famous pork ribs.
You can just eat it without the need of using your knife.
We ordered quarter of pork ribs along with mashed potatoes and 2 types of sausages.
In our case is Weisswurst and Deluxe Vienna (if I am not mistaken).

Dessert with Apple Strudel!
I really like when you get to eat this during winter.
The mixture of hot and cold!
Hot as in the pastry is really warm and the cold which is the ice cream.
I love how generous are the apples within the pastry.
Not forgetting it's really crispy texture.


Next stop is the famous vanilla slice hunt @ Otto's Bakery.
Apparently it's an award winner.

It was my very first try of vanilla slice.
The vanilla cream was really creamy and it's like eating a cream puff without this time, the outer coating was different.


Pictures while waiting for the bus up to the hill!

Mother of sweets.

Mother of FUDGES!
I swear the cappucino fudge is really good!
Not too sweet and it's really the best souvenir to bring back.
Should have bought more.


Short stop @ Mount Lofty.
Really grateful because we got a nice bus driver that allow us tourists to stop at this tourist spot for around 10 mins.


Cleland Wildlife Park!

Melbourne y u no zoo like this?!
Well, we have just that it's not as free roaming as this place.
And the price is really affordable.

Kangarooo foooood

Dream come true #1 !!
Something off my bucket list. woooo
Victorious moment.
Anyhow it cost me 30AUD. Tsk.

Dream come true #2

Didn't know wombats can be this cute! omgggg


Dessert @ Creperie Bruxelles

Love the interior design.
It's like stepping in to a whole new world.

Friend's waffle.

Mine: Crepe Aux Fraises.

Really hard to pronounce it.
I even asked the waiter but now I couldn't remember the way he said it.
That's not the point.
Crepe has always been my one of my favorite dessert.
If you were to ask me to choose either crepe or waffles I'll still got for crepe!
And this doesn't disappoint me at all.
Look at the plating! Really photogenic hahaha
Anyway, it does taste good like how it looked like.
The belgium chocolate on the side and the strawberries hidden underneath the crepe.
You can really tell how fresh the crepe is!

I am missing this already >:( 
Take me back!

Till then xx.

Apologies if I'm always using the same term to describe my food :/ 
Lousy English but bear with me!

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