Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Foodlogue during Winter Break #1

"When a leaf falls, whose fault is it? The tree that let it go, the wind that blew it away, or the leaf that got tired of hanging on?" 


We Malaysians crave for Malaysian food everywhere we go.
Thanks to Joanne whom brought us to this Malaysian restaurant at Fitzroy North.
Heard they had great Char Kuey Teow.
And yup, it did looked like a pretty decent one.
But the curry laksa was meh. Because I couldn't really taste the spiciness in it.
Maybe they made it that way just so the locals can handle it.
And lastly, the ice kacang!
Love the icy texture and the red syrup all over it with the smashed peanuts at the bottom.


Gelato Messina Fitzroy

One will always have room for dessert.
Been craving for the passionfruit gelato and I dragged Joanne and JB along after dinner.

My Passion Fruit & Mandarin gelato.

They'll have specials on board. Not sure they renewed it every month or every week though.
I had mine for 6AUD.
I really like the passion fruit flavor because it taste exactly like the real fruit.
Which is pretty sourish just the way i like it!
Having your gelato under the winter wind is no joke.
Cold as hell.
Shivering hardcore while enjoying the gelato HAHA


Breizoz French Creperie

A very Frenchy cafe/creperie.
Lovin' the interior design.
Especially the big "postcard" hanging on the wall which is actually the menu.
They have both sweet and savory crepes that are actually pretty filling.
It can satisfy both your crepe cravings and your tummy.

I ordered and banane and chocolate.
And nope, my banane was not a typo. It's just the French way of saying banana.
Sorry, the picture doesn't really show the existence of the bananas but they're hidden underneath the crepe.
I love'em!
The chocolate was given just the right amount that wouldn't make it overwhelming.


N2 Extreme Gelato 

In conjunction with FIFA, N2 had this FIFA menu for a week.
It's so creative.
Saw all the familiar names like Mata, Suarez, Messi & spot them yourself :p

Ordered the Mata's Matcha Creme Brulee!
Crunchy on top and the soft green tea ice cream underneath the roasted sugars.


Till then xx.

All thanks to Jo for hanging out with me for these few days.
Thank you for being there with me when I'm down.
Really going to miss you if you were going back for good >:(

Shit, everyone is leaving. Mentally & physically.
No idea how am i going to deal with all of this shit.

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