Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Days of Rotting Out

Exams over; Winter coming; FIFA season.
Best month ever, no?

How I wish I can go back to Malaysia >:( .
Well, now I have one month plus to rot and job hunting!
Please let me get a job. I could use more money.

Day 1: Right after exams.
22 Jump Street!

Then Kolo Mee @ Kitchen Inn.
Recommended by le cousins because they mentioned about how good is the kolo mee.
It was really good for the first half of the bowl.
But then I got sick of it cuz the noodles were too much.
But the taste was alright.
13 dollars with a special soup too.

Kitchen Inn on Urbanspoon


Great now I'm obsessed with Yo-Chi.

Day 2: Met up with the Singaporean girl @ Yamato.

I shared the Shabu-Shabu set with Joanne.
15.80 per person and the set have to be minimum for 2 person.
Well, it was meh because we ordered wrongly.
Shabu-shabu set had the tasteless soup >:(
And the beef slices were not so thin.
So, I wouldn't really recommend you to try it.

But the Tempura Fried Ice Cream was too gooooood.
I love it because it's Green Tea ice cream heh.
And the tempura texture was good too.
I love it so much.
I will probably visit this restaurant again just for this.

Yamato Japanese on Urbanspoon

Some pictures with my favorite Singaporean :')


Man, gonna miss her so so much. We only went out like 5 times but she's really really nice to hang out with. And she say she loves Malaysia. One of the rare people that will say that hahaha.
Take care Joanne!

Day 3: Alone Shopping Time.
Was supposed to window shop but that'll never ever happen .____.
Shopped till I drop.

Love the view.

Note: Crazy. The 3 pictures was taken just within half an hour.
Look how quick it changes.
PMS winter.

Great day everyone!

Till then xx.

get well soon, mum >:( . I'm so sorry I couldn't take care of you right now.
Wish I'm by your side though.
It's really sad to see that you still give me the 'i'm fine, i'm ok' look when we're skyping, it hurts. :(

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